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3 Places you’re Leaving Money on the Table (and How to Fix Them Today)

For any business owner with an online presence (and EVERY business should be online!) there are many passive ways to build income streams into your website and products that will bring in extra money while you focus on serving your current customers.

Passive income is good and will help your bottom line while you actively market your business. You’ve invested good money into your business and your website; why not make it work harder for you?

Last week, I talked about affiliate marketing, You can read about it here Today, I'm talking about the second way you might be leaving money on the table: Not Creating Upsells in Your Sales Funnel.

Not Creating Upsells in Your Sales Funnel

This is another overlooked area where you can bring in extra money.

Do you have a basic sales funnel in place, in which you can make an offer to your broad audience and then have more focused, more expensive offers for them to choose from over time?

These additional offers bring your customers down the funnel toward your most expensive offer without making them feel like they are being sold to. (Remember: Know, Like, Trust)

For every main offer in your sales funnel, think of an upsell your customer would find valuable. This may be free admittance into your private Facebook group or a report, checklist, form, or eBook for a nominal fee. Make it a no-brainer for them to add-on to their order.

For your more expensive offers, add a more expensive upsell, like a trial period in your membership program. The key is to choose relevant upsells that will benefit your customer and make sense to combine with the initial product purchase.

If you need more help deciphering which passive income streams you’re wasting, let's talk! Click here to schedule a discovery meeting.

Next week: Part 3 of 3 Places You're Leaving Money on the Table: Inefficient Back End Processes

Until next time, I encourage you to be realistic, engaging, authentic, and of the mindset you want to have a long-lasting (in other words, real) relationship with your clients.

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