The lack of adequate health insurance and health coverage is a major problem preventing families from thriving. Furthermore, across the board, prescription medication costs are on the rise. One of the ways United Way helps individuals and families receive the prescriptions they need is through our partnership with FamilyWize. 

FamilyWize Community Service Partnership provides free prescriptions savings cards to community members, regardless of their insurance status. While the savings card is not insurance, it provides large discounts on FDA-approved prescription medications. The card can be used an unlimited number of times and does not require any type of sign-up. The card is designed to benefit all members of the community and help decrease the burden of the cost of prescription medicines.

FamilyWize helps United Way to promote their goal of healthy living and ensure everyone has access to affordable and quality healthcare. 

To learn more about FamilyWize, click here . To get a card, click the button below: