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November 18th, 2020
Springs Recovery Connection Mission
To strengthen the recovery community through peer and family support, public education and advocacy.
The SRC offices are now open from 9am-4pm, Monday through Friday
Due to COVID-19 and regulations reinstated by the El Paso County Health Department, we are limiting the number of people that enter our office. Please call us for more information 719-465-2295.
BIG NEWS: SRC is Working Towards Accreditation
Springs Recovery Connection has starting working towards accreditation through the Council on Accreditation of Peer Recovery Support Services (CAPRSS). CAPRSS is the only accrediting body in the US specifically for recovery community organizations (RCOs) and other programs offering addiction peer recovery support services (PRSS).
CAPRSS offers a recovery-oriented accreditation program that:
  • helps emerging and established RCOs and peer programs to build capacity;
  • improves the performance of organizations and programs providing peer services by setting and measuring the achievement of standards; and
  • increases accountability of peer services providers to funders, the public, and the field.

Veterans in Recovery
The problems men and women of the U.S. military experience upon re-entry to civilian life receive considerable research and media attention. Far less common is information on their resilience to and recovery from such challenges. It is in that context that a landmark study has just been published on the prevalence of recovery from alcohol use disorders among U.S. veterans.

Change the Name. Remove the Stigma!

The words that we use matter. Stigma has been identified as a barrier to treatment and recovery among individuals with addiction. Research shows that the commonly used term, "abuse", increases stigma.
Now is the time to tell Congress that national government agencies with words like "abuse" must undergo a NAME CHANGE (e.g., National Institute on Drug Abuse [NIDA], National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism [NIAAA]), and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA].

SRC Partners with the Behavioral Health Connect Unit in the Sheriff's Department
Springs Recovery Connection is partnering with the BHCON Unit at the El Paso County Sheriff's office to provide a framework for outreach and follow-up to individuals identified by the BHCON Team as having substance abuse concerns and may benefit from peer services.

Give like you've never given before!
SRC was chosen to participate in this year's 2020 Indygive Campaign. Donate to SRC and receive a reward!

Recovery Hero: Shauna
My name is Shauna Stevenson and I came into recovery on February 17th, 2017. Since then, I am most proud of regaining motherhood, becoming a certified recovery coach and working with SRC by virtue of the Workforce Program.
A low point for me was when I was on the run from the Drug Court Program. I was strung out on meth and heroin with nothing and nowhere safe to go. I was also in a very unsafe place and I didn’t want to live like that anymore, I was so exhausted.

New COVID treatment survey
This report includes data from 534 participants receiving treatment who completed a survey about the impacts of COVID-19 on addiction treatment and recovery. The survey was administered between April and May of 2020. Participation was completely voluntary; results represent a convenience sample and may not be representative of the experience of all people in treatment for substance use disorder. OMNI Institute was responsible for survey design, hosting, and analysis of results.

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