May 2018
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Here at MED Source,  we believe in the spirit of service . The entire BioSkills industry is founded on service - creating products and opportunities to improve medical education. In turn this improves our healthcare system.

This is an industry with a noble goal, and there is no place we would rather be. Over the years we have discovered that companies often "find us" when they are in need of one particular piece of equipment or instrument. It could be a Bovie, suction, ancillary instrument set, or something else. Once they find us they are happy to find out we have an extensive inventory of instruments, equipment and a number of proprietary solutions that they did not know was a part of our inventory.   We want everyone to know that we strive to be a one-stop shop for  all  of your BioSkills lab equipment and instrument needs.
Not only do we have a wide variety of equipment, but we have a very knowledgeable team that strives to teach and offer assistance to you. Our hope is that we will be able to provide you with the items you need and offer options that can help make your BioSkill labs run smoothly. We want to continue to educate and create great long term relationships as we continue to grow.

We pride ourselves on being nimble and able to react quickly to customer requests and to acquire new products without needing "approval by committee." Many of our most popular items started out with a customer email or phone call "I know it's a long shot, but do you have....."

That being said, please call. We love to hear from you on any suggestions to add to our products list to ensure we can be your "one stop shop".
Towers of the Trade
We offer multiple types of towers that are equipped for your different Biolabs. The Towers available are; the Basic, Arthroscopy, Laparoscopy, Cystoscopy, and ENT tower.

The Basic Tower is equipped with a 22-23 inch flat panel monitor, 300 watt light source, light Cable, camera box, camera head and coupler, and all of the appropriate cables.

The Arthroscopy Tower we offer assists in complex joint orthopedic surgeries. On top of the Basic Tower items, the Arthroscopy tower includes: 4mm/30 degree arthroscope with sheath and obturator, LDI pads, etc.     

The Laparoscopy Tower assists the doctor in making smaller incisions for a less invasive surgery. The camera allows the doctor to view the organs in the abdomen through a small incision. On top of the Basic Tower items, the Laraoscopy Tower includes: CO2 tank holder, insufflator with yoke and tubing, etc.

Cystoscopy Tower enables the doctor to view the patient's bladder with a scope and camera. On top of the Basic Tower items, the Cystoscopy Tower includes: 4mm/70 degree cystoscope with sheath, LDI pads, etc.

ENT Tower provides a viewing station of the patient's ears, nose, and throat. On top of the Basic Tower items the ENT Tower includes: 4mm/30 degree rigid scope, pack of rapid fluid absorption pads, etc.

Popular add-on's to the towers include the Bovie/ESUs, smoke evacuators, recording devices, and many more.

Contact us  for information or a quote for whatever you need. If you wonder whether we have it, check our  website  or send us an   email, or call us at 888-747-1190. We're here to help you!
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Which of the following does NOT come with the Cystoscopy Tower?
A) 4mm/70 degree Cystoscope with sheath
B) Camera
C) Light source
D) Insufflator
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