All Together Now...
New "driveway choir" technology sparks joy in making music safely, in person, and with no delay!
Ever since March, passionate choral singers have been determined to keep making music together, but Zoom rehearsals left many longing to hear voices beyond their own and the director’s. A summer's worth of research by CCMS choral directors Peggo Horstmann Hodes, Kathy Southworth, and Maria Isaak resulted in lots of new ideas. We’re excited to present a barrier-busting new way to once again sing together in beautiful 4-part harmony…and all together!

The new "driveway choir" equipment -- microphones and radio headsets all tuned to an unused FM frequency -- allows singers to hear each other clearly and sing together safely in real time. Enormous thanks go to our Northern Lights Vocal Ensemble, director Peggo Horstmann Hodes, and resident gear expert Paul Hodes, who researched and tirelessly “road-tested” our new equipment this fall, resulting in smiles, parking lot applause, and even a few tears the first time everyone heard their combined sound.