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Learn how CAR-T is commercialized on Oct 11. JOIN US!
September 18, 2018, Calabasas, CA, USA The 11 th Annual Conference of BSMA on October 11th in Foster City (CA) will bring together executives from all the major CAR-T Cell Therapy companies to shape and scale their nascent supply chain for commercialization. CAR-T Therapy has been hailed as the best cure for cancer, but how can we successfully commercialize this miraculous personalized medicine solution and build a robust supply chain over the next decade? The answers will be delivered by executives from Novartis, Kite, Celgene, Gritstone Oncology, Fisher BioSciences, Clarkston Consulting, Seattle Genetics, Amgen, Cryoport, Vineti, InnoLynX, CharterMedical, DocSpera, and many others. Custom tailored Emerging technologies, solutions and services will be demonstrated to make game-changing impact on the unique and unprecedented challenges to be overcome in the areas of quality, speed, privacy, identity tracking, safety and risk mitigation. 

“On Demand Supply Chain for Personalized Medicine”
Jian Irish , Global Head, Manufacturing, Kite Pharma
PANEL: “Commercialization and scale up of the CAR-T Cell Therapy Supply Chain”
Laura Alquist, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Kite Pharma
Reggie Foster, Director Logistics and Packaging Engineering, Kite Pharma
Kenneth Locke, Global Head Strategic Sourcing - Cell Therapies, Celgene
Jayant Aphale, Executive Vice President of Technical Operations, Gritstone Oncology
Guy Carlos, Global Head, Supply Chain - Cell and Gene Therapies, Novartis
Moderator: Shankar Suryanarayanan, Advisor and VP Strategic Planning & International, BSMA

“Global Sourcing of Materials and Technologies for CAR-T Therapy Commercialization”
Kenneth Locke, Global Head Strategic Sourcing - Cell Therapies, Celgene

“Sourcing, Vetting, Contracting and Developing Reliable Supply: Meeting the Challenge for the Industry”
Howard Bland, Sr. Director of Sourcing and Procurement, Kite Pharma
“Quality Assurance from Needle to Needle in CAR-T Cell Therapy”
Kirstin Powell, Vice President, Global Quality, Novartis
“End-to-End Logistics Considerations for Autologous Immunotherapies”
Dan O’Donnell, Associate Director of Cell Therapy Logistics, Fisher BioServices

“Risk Management to Ensure Regulatory Compliance: The Achilles’ Heel”
Janel Firestein, Partner, Life Sciences Industry Leader, Clarkston Consulting
Meet Some of Your Car-T Speakers
Laura Alquist
Kenneth Locke
Jayant Aphale,
Howard Bland
Dan O’Donnell
Janel Firestein
Learn from the experts, Join us !
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BSMA - Driving Innovation in the Life Sciences Supply Chain

Since its inception in 2007, BSMA is a global organization that fosters Innovation and Adoption of disruptive technologies within the end-to-end supply chain of the Life Sciences industry. With offices in California (USA), Brussels (Belgium) and Mumbai (India), BSMA promotes collaboration and networking between professionals of the biotech, pharmaceutical, academic and medical diagnostics enterprises. The Alliance partners with industry, academia, foundations, suppliers, technology enablers, research institutions, trade organizations and the government to improve productivity, quality, product and service integrity, risk mitigation, managerial talent development and patient care globally. It is also the home of start-up companies engaged in business development and scale up.     
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