Vol. 5, Issue 1, May 3, 2018
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In this week's edition: You are invited to attend Supporting Healthy Minds at Work: A Forum for Employers and Service Providers, on June 8th; WPH's 20th Anniversary event a success; French version of EmployerOne Survey results available.
You are invited to attend Supporting Health Minds at Work: A Forum for Employers and Service Providers

Workforce Planning Hamilton, along with our partner, City of Hamilton, Public Health Services, and others, is planning Supporting Healthy Minds at Work: A Forum for Employers and Service Providers taking place on June 8/18 at McMaster Innovation Park. 

During consultations for WPH's Labour Market Plan we heard that mental health issues are a concern for both employers and for employment service providers.

The morning event (8:30 am. - 11:30 am. ) begins with a keynote address by Nick Petrella, who is a Mohawk College professor, mental health survivor and mental health advocate.

Two workshops are provided that will give attendees information and resources that they can use immediately to aid their colleagues and clients.

An information fair will feature displays from local mental health programs and services.

Cost to attend is $20 and includes a light, healthy breakfast.

Workforce Planning Hamilton celebrates 20 years of Workforce Planning leadership

Workforce Planning Hamilton celebrated our 20th Anniversary as Hamilton's leader in local workforce development with a very successful event on April 25th. 

Over 75 people attended to hear a dynamic keynote address by AJ Tibando, from the Brookfield Institute, Ryerson University. Ms. Tibando spoke about innovation, automation and the impact of technology on Canada's workforce.

As she explained there are four ways that technology is impacting work: 1. Shift to digital, 2. Rise of the gig economy, 3. Shift to cities, 
4. Are robots taking jobs? 

Speaking about Hamilton's situation, Ms. Tibando explained that the diversification of Hamilton's economy has prepared the city to be positioned to withstand the transition to automation.

A highlight of the event was the presentation by Mohawk College of a plaque congratulating WPH on 20 years of workforce development leadership in Hamilton.

Thanks to all our partners who attended the event and who have aided us in our work throughout the years!
French version of EmployerOne Survey results available
The Employer One Survey results are available in both English and French.

Hard copies of both are available at the WPH office.

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