May 17, 2019
How can you help clients experiencing homelessness?
Alan Mathis (Butler Snow) works with a client at the Homeless Help Desk
When most people see a man or woman resort to sleeping under a bridge, the last thing they think is, “That person needs a lawyer.”

But for many people experiencing homelessness, help from an attorney to resolve tickets, warrants, or other legal issues can help them obtain a form of legal identification—an important step toward getting them into safe housing.

Consider volunteering at our special Homeless Help Desk held the first Tuesday of every month at One Roof. Click here to volunteer! 
These clients need your help!
Please help this homeless client resolve old tickets and warrants in the Birmingham area. He wants to get a driver's license and is dedicated to moving forward with his life. I can help!

Case Status
  • Client has warrants in Homewood, Birmingham, Irondale, and Mountain Brook
  • VLB is getting new court dates set

VLB Added Value
  • Connections to courts in all municipalities involved
  • Guidance on how to proceed
This client needs assistance avoiding eviction from his home. He has proof that he has been paying the rent that his landlord claims he hasn't paid. I can help!
Case Status
  • Client was served with unlawful detainer notice on 5/7 via mail
  • He has filed an answer disputing the amount owed

VLB Added Value
  • Connection to attorney mentor experienced in landlord/tenant cases
Please help this client fight a third-party creditor’s lawsuit. Client is currently being sued for $18,000. Client does not believe he owes the money, and the company has not provided him with proof of debt. Client’s only source of income is Social Security Disability.  He needs a volunteer attorney to represent him in court on June 7 th . I can help!

Case Status
  • Client is organized and easy to work with
  • Client has a court hearing set for June 7th
  • Client is judgment proof

VLB Added Value
  • All documents can be provided to attorney
  • Connection to attorney mentor experienced in third party creditor lawsuits
Please help this client file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He has overwhelming debt from medical bills and student loans. The client is currently working and supporting his wife and four children.  I can help!
Case Status
  • Client needs to fill out bankruptcy petition
  • Client has all paperwork and credit reports

VLB Added Value
  • Can provide all forms that will be needed
  • Connection to attorney mentor experienced in bankruptcy law
We appreciate our Help Desk volunteers!
Samuel Ford works with a client at the Civil Help Desk

Hansen Babington (Maynard) 
Miller Boxx
Samuel Ford (Fuston, Petway, French)
CaNisha Freeman
Loring S. Jones, III (Jones and Associates)
Shannon Moore (SYM Law Group)
Lacy Triplett (Bressler) 
Abby van Alstyne (Stone Piper Law)
Jameria Moore assists clients at the Domestic Relations Help Desk

Hansen Babington (Maynard)
CaNisha Freeman
Ian S. Green (The Green Law Firm)
Melinda Guillaume
Derry Johnson (Law Office of Derry Johnson)
Rachel Martin (Crittenden Partners)
Susan McAlister
John Milledge
Jameria Moore (Sperling and Moore)
Lacy Triplett (Bressler)
Jerry Ingram and Kristian Rasmussen aid clients at the Veterans Help Desk

Tom Brinkley (Maynard)
Judge John Carroll ( Cumberland School of Law)
Jerry Ingram
Seth Muse (Bradley)
Kristian Rasmussen (Cory Watson)
Walter Williams (UAHSF)
Alex Goldsmith (left) and Leesa Booth (right) at the Woodlawn Help Desk

Leesa Booth (Encompass)
Wood Herren (Bradley)
Alex Goldsmith (Encompass)
Seth Muse (Bradley)
(left to right) Jim Gillis, Susan McAlister, Laura Susan Burns, Heather Fann, Judge Nakita Blocton, Frances Nolan, Halley Gillis Harris, John Graves

Laura Susan Burns (Burns Brashier & Johnson)
Heather Fann (5 Points Law)
Halley Gillis Harris
James "Jim" Gillis
John P. Graves
Susan McAlister
Frances Nolan (Nolan Byers)
Joi Travis ( Travis Law)

Bob Dow (Maynard)
Lacy Triplett (Bressler) 
Open volunteer slots available!
CaNisha Freeman (middle) and Rachel Martin (right) assist a client
Please consider signing up for an attorney volunteer slot next week at one of the following:

Civil – 5/20 & 5/23
Domestic Relations – 5/22
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