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Homespun Holidays:

Fall and Winter

$12.45 Value

Can you believe that the holidays are already here?

Are YOU ready?

Don't panic. At TOS, we are ready to help you get into the spirit of the holidays with our latest E-Book:The Old Schoolhouse Homespun Holidays: Fall and Winter.

This inspiring and imaginative E-Book contains over 80 pages of fall and winter "favorites" from the staff at TOS

Basics of Frugal Cooking

$7.95 Value

Saving money in the grocery store is one thing, but a bigger savings comes from knowing how to actually create your own frugal recipes based on consistently frugal ingredients. In The Basics of Frugal Cooking, Kimberly Eddy explores the techniques we need to shop frugally, store our ingredients frugally, and to prepare frugal meals that will satisfy your family.

Living and Learning on One Income:

How Twelve Families Make it Work

$12.45 Value

Have you ever felt as if yours is the only one-income family left in a two-income culture? Does it sometimes seem that you're the only one in your extended family, church, or community who is "just a homeschool mom"? Do you question at times if the seeming financial sacrifice of staying at home with your family is worth it? How do you respond when people say, "I wish I could stay at home with my kids"?

Perhaps you are convicted and grounded in your decision to be a one-income family, but you'd love to learn how other families make it work for them.

Discerning Dollars

$4.00 Value

From the author:

"In this 20 page E-Book you will find the many budgeting and money saving tips and tricks we had to learn to survive in our culture with a big family and without credit. This list is by no means exhaustive and I am positive others have even more ideas. This is just MY list. I have carried a notebook around with me for the last several months in case another idea "popped" into my head. I say that flippantly, but mind you, I have no doubt at all that God gave me, first the idea for this book, and then every idea contained on the pages herein." ~ Tara Bertic

Holiday Open House:

Open Your Heart and Your Home
$6.97 Value

Marilyn's Moll, of the Urban Homemaker, shares about hosting holiday get-togethers.

You'll find:

  • How to plan your occasion, step-by-step
  • How to decorate creatively on a dime
  • Planning the menu for your event
  • Appetizer recipes, both hot and cold
  • Dip recipes
  • Serving suggestions
  • Sweets and treats
  • Marilyn's Christmas cookie recipe assortment
  • Beverage suggestions and recipes
  • Encouragement and more!

Molly Gets Organized

$7.95 Value

Since our organization-focused Digests have been hands-dow n reader favorites, we've gone through and pulled all our organization related arti cles from th e 2009 Digests and compiled them all in one place for you!

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