Issue 6.11
March 13, 2020
Message from the President
In the last week, some of you have asked what is being done in response to the coronavirus here in Delaware. In context, however, health officials are quick to remind everyone that the seasonal flu is important and it’s not too late to get a flu shot if you or your colleagues have not already done so. In Delaware, here is the Department of Public Health website  that is updated frequently with virus related data and steps people should be taking to limit its spread.   Read more
Messages from Healthcare Leaders in Delaware on COVID-19
Delaware's first case of coronavirus was confirmed this week. As businesses and nonprofits in the state respond to this information, we asked the state's healthcare leaders to provide insight and advice on how to make educated decisions as we move forward. Read more
What can you do to
support local businesses?
  1. Continue to shop locally by visiting stores online
  2. Buy gift cards to your favorite restaurant now, treat yourself later
  3. If you have tickets to a live show or concert, consider donating the money back to the theater or venue instead of asking for a refund
  4. Buy supplies at local grocery stores
  5. Business-to-Business: Focus on online advertising
The Future of our State's Economy Depends on Workforce Development

Across the country, 5 million young adults are out of school, out of work and unable to find a path to self-sufficiency or a family-sustaining wage despite having the talent and motivation to succeed. Delaware is ranked near-last – 41st out of 50 states – in youth disconnected from the economy. At the same time, more than 12 million jobs will go unfilled over the next decade simply because employers cannot find workers with the skills needed for the 21st century economy . Read More
State Chamber receives two first place awards
DPA Professional Communications Contest for 2019 projects
The annual  DPA Professional Communications Contest , open to all professional communicators in Delaware, provides an opportunity to compete in various print or electronic broadcasting fields. Judged by out-of-state communications professionals to ensure impartiality, the contest encourages and recognizes excellence in communication and inspires all contestants to strive for their personal best in this competitive and rewarding field. First-place winners move on to the national competition.
1st Place: Graphics and Design
"DSCC unveils new logo"
1st Place: Videos for Nonprofit/Government Org.
"2019 Small Business Day in Dover video"
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