SBDC Southern Maryland Specifics
"SBDC Services are one of the few things in life that truly costs less than what it's worth."  a local business professional who volunteers time to facilitate classes and work with SBDC entrepreneur clients.

"When I first called [SoMD] SBDC office, I thought I had done everything I needed to do to get my business started. Thankfully I called and was willing to follow the recommended process. The very first step I took - "Smart Start Assessment" was a wake up call. SBDC saved me from making expensive mistakes. It's true, you don't know what you don't know."   
The Maryland Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Southern Region, provides Training and Counseling services to new and existing businesses. Designed for all stages of business development, affordable (invaluable) classes, free events, and online training from business planning, to how to comply with legal and tax issues. Engage the SBDC Services to help develop a personalized process and grow your business now:
Avoid Common Legal Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

-Not using an attorney.
-Not using an accountant.
-Failing to set up the right business structure.
-Failure to follow business tax laws [- just changed - find out your impact].
-Failure to get proper documentation about employees.
-Not getting copyrights, patents, and trademarks.
-Working with vendors or clients without a contract in place. 

Legal and Records Management Issues addresses these and more -
2 Sessions - 2 Professionals - 5 Hours    
Cost is just $80  - for BOTH sessions
Get the Information That May Save You MONEY

This class is almost full! Only 5 Seats Left!
Students' Said: "Enjoyed responses combined with instruction to provide great insight; very informative. Great; Very Good Information. A class that you need to take if you are opening a business [if you own a business]; Very Well Prepared, Great to go through process to compare to different business types; Very informative."
SBC-6500-151288  | Tue | May 15 | 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM | Prince Frederick
Facilitators  Catherine A. Askey, CPA, CVA, ABV  and  Bill D. McKissick, Jr., Esq.   
Don't Wait - This Class is Almost Full! 
QuickBooks Intermediate/ Advanced  - Only Offered Once Each Quarter -

Designed to enhance and enrich the knowledge of current QuickBooks users. Topics include working with inventory, creating estimates, using “classes,” job costing, time tracking, and creating budgets. This hands-on interactive course offers the opportunity to present specific questions and scenarios in order to address your individual QuickBooks needs, as well as the opportunity to interact with peers encountering similar situations.

Students' Said: "Very informative and super helpful!" Lots of enthusiasm for the subject and it comes across, making students excited too. "Will definitely take more classes with Ms. Hall!!" ""Knows her QB's very open to questions."

SBC-7320-150352   | Fri | May 18 | 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM | Prince Frederick | $125
Facilitator  : Helen Hall, Quik-help®.com Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Diamond Status    

Work with SBDC Business Consultant and other entrepreneurs from the region.
  • Evaluate your business concept; 
  • Business name selection/registration;
  • Zoning, licenses, certifications;
  • Determine the market's potential; 
  • Learn about LLC, Sole Proprietor, S-Corp how they work, financial pros and cons; 
  • Determine record keeping needs;
  • Begin a financial plan and a business plan;
  • Hiring vs Contractors;

Students' Said: "This information helped me figure out which direction to take me into business" "I really enjoyed this class." "Excellent delivery of information." " Bill is very knowledgeable and personable." Very engaging. "Great instructor in all areas. Excellent session." Very helpful!!!"
SBC-5000-151838  | Tue | May 23 | 7:00 - 9:00 PM | Prince Frederick | $55
Facilitator  Bill Hitte, SBDC Business Consultant, Finance Specialist   

Today many people are choosing to run their own business to secure their future. However, with over half of all new businesses failing, that can be a risky choice. Franchises can eliminate much of that risk. This courses for small business entrepreneurs will focus on working with an existing company and a proven concept to increase your chances of succeeding.

Students' Said Most Helpful:  "Describing the tools to make decisions fruitful;" "advantages and disadvantages to types of businesses to own/buy;" "franchise disclosure, The fact you do not need to know a skill to own a franchise;" "the entire slide show; the myths and facts;" "learning about semi-absent;" Other Comments: Great Class Excellent and to the point information;" "This was one of the best classes of the series. I would love to keep in touch with Mr. Bock. Awesome class and good role model;" 

SBC-5310-152021  | Wed | May 30 | 6:00 - 8:00 PM | La Plata | $55
Facilitator : Richard Bock, Franchise Business Consultant of Washington DC and Maryland. For more than 25 years,   FranNet    has educated people just like you on the pros and cons of the different opportunities to own a business.

Get your business noticed, recognized, and remembered.
What is your company's unique selling proposition? Can you explain your brand value, what it means and how your products and services differentiate you from your competitors? This course will help you to evaluate your existing marketing messages, identify your target market and explore your company's brand personality and key messages.
Students' Said: "Great Class!!! " Great tips and information!"
SBC-6630-150356  | Thu | May 31 | 6:00 - 9:00 PM | Leonardtown | $75
Facilitator  Bill Campbell, CEO, Balancelogic   ®   
Strategic Business Management - Market Expansion, Product Expansion, Diversification and Talent Acquisition

This new series is designed for the business owner that is ready to grow. There are many excellent reasons to pursue business growth. With business expansion comes increased revenue, wider brand recognition, and increased relevance in the industry. Most businesses, however, start small and stay there. If that's not good enough for you—or if you recognize that staying small doesn't necessarily guarantee your business's survival the Franklin Entrepreneurial Series is for you. 
Choose SBC-6110 Strategic Business Management and get all 3 of the Franklin Entrepreneurial Series classes for one low price. tuition: $148

Or choose any of these 3 separately

Students' Said:  Developing Your Business Mindset "Instructor made class fun. Interaction was great! Enjoyable, related real world experiences."  Presenting Your Business Value "Speaker's diagrams for determining value were helpful.  Real life conversations, great information. Instructor was well informed, dynamic and the information was so valuable. So glad I took this course. Makes you want to tackle the world!" Obtaining and Retaining Talent "Discussion was great and good interaction."
Get up to . . .
with " Preparing to Meet Your Lender  " June 12 6-8pm   .

Local financial professionals will provide sound advice about what it takes to get a loan or an investor. Documents and information that are of interest to lenders and investors will be available and discussed. Seating is limited so  Register Early   !
Then use what you learned from  Preparing to Meet Your Lender  to  "speed date"  lenders and investors at the  4th Annual EFEA Investment Marketplace  on Thursday, July 19 *change*

Save the Date   read more about this event's past year's from lenders and businesses that participated.

Online Courses
Our online courses offer an excellent way to work training into your busy schedule when it's most convenient for you.

6 Weeks begins May 16, 2018 • Online  • $139 each

  • Learn a new skill or enhance existing skills for professional development or personal enrichment.
  • New sessions starting monthly with lessons and assignments released weekly.
  • 2-4 hours a week in a convenient six-week format.
  • Interactive learning environment. Classroom built around discussion areas where you can engage with classmates and instructors.
  • Expert instructors develop, lead, and interact with students in each course.
  • Award of completion from your learning institution with passing score.

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