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1. May 14 Meeting Summary
2. Plant Sale
3. Land Use Conference
4. Transforming Learning Summit
May Members Meeting
Decriminalizing Mental Illness: Maplewood Case Study
Last Friday, May 14th, RCLLG held their May members meeting featuring a presentation on "Decriminalizing Mental Illness" led by Maplewood Mayor Marylee Abrams, Chief Michael Mondor, and Lt. Brian Bierdeman.

Mayor Abrams kicked off the presentation with an overview of the Maplewood program. She noted how often Ramsey County officials have been reaching out to her asking “How did you get a social worker embedded in the Maplewood police department, paid for Ramsey County!?” This is how it was done:

Identifying the Problem

Maplewood identified that many of the emergency calls they were receiving involved a mental health component. To better serve these individuals, Maplewood formed their MHOT team – Mental Health Outreach Team – comprising of firefighters and police officers working with mental health-related calls. The MHOT teams spent over 800 hours in 2019 dedicated to MHOT activities.

After investing in staff, extra training, and after tracking data, Maplewood concluded they needed help and reached out to partners. Key people in this effort included Chief Michael Mondor, Lt. Brian Bierdeman, Commissioner Victoria Reinhardt and Commissioner Trista MatasCastillo. Commissioner MatasCastillo called this program a “no-brainer.” (we agree!)

To Maplewood’s pleasure, the proposal was received well by Ramsey County. These partners’ efforts resulted in Ramsey County providing Maplewood a social worker, who began in April 2021.

Lasting Effects

The idea was that this social worker would ultimately relieve the demand placed on public safety resources. Chief Mondor said that two years ago, when Maplewood would receive a 911 call, their officers and paramedics would have to identify which help is needed. This creates a gap in which a social worker can fill.
This program will change Maplewood’s interactions with safety officers, as taking the burden off of officers moves services upstream and deescalates crisis situations. It ultimately allows services and resources to be located for those making those mental health calls. Mayor Abrams said “We’re recognizing that we need to deal with mental health issues.”

Lt. Brian Bierdeman notes that just like how canine and other units are commonplace, Maplewood’s vision is that these social workers become commonplace throughout Ramsey County.

To conclude, we agree with Tom Fischer words: “This program gets service providers back into their expertise and comfort zone. This program is in its infancy and we will need to learn and adjust. Congratulations on your willingness to do this pilot. Exceptional Work to all that made this happen!
Thank you to those who participated!

Plant Sale!
The annual “Volunteers in Corrections” plant sale is taking place at the Ramsey County Correctional Facility.

Why go? Help support those working the plant sale as they develop skills including horticulture and customer service skills. A portion of your purchase is tax deductible.

Learn more here.

Registration Now Open!
Changing the Landscape of Land Use: Planning for Equity and Sustainability
The purpose of the Changing the Landscape of Land Use conference is to engage participants in conversations and collaborative learning that will help inspire and advance equitable and sustainable land use practices, policies and outcomes. Topics include environment/ climate change, equity & inclusion, affordable housing, transportation, community engagement, sustainable planning practices and more!

The 2021 Virtual Land Use Conference will take place on Wednesday, July 21st from 8:30am – 2:00pm and on Thursday, July 22nd from 9:00am – 12:00pm CST.
To All of Our Educators! You're Invited
Fusion Learning Partners is pleased to help support our educators with this unique opportunity for learning, engagement and inspiring innovation – and RCLLG member school districts receive a special discount!

Transforming Learning Summit
Virtual Conference |August 11 & 12, 2021
Building a Culture of Learning

This two-day, virtual Summit will bring together hundreds of leaders and professionals from across the spectrum of K-12 educational settings and functions, along with their private, public and civic sector partners to advance learning and share best practices. 
This year’s Summit aims to address the urgent needs of educators and school administrators in the areas of student and educator mental health, diversity, equity, inclusion, student centered learning, technology, assessment, virtual learning & so much more! We understand the challenges educators are facing right now and want to be responsive and supportive!
Registration fee includes access to all conference content
+ access to recordings of all sessions!
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per student

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