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In just a few weeks, Louisiana Right to Life's Joshua Leadership Institute will be underway in Baton Rouge! There are only 17 SPOTS left for JLI, so please be sure to register today!

Also, please be sure to lookup your Legislator on our online scorecard to find out if they voted 100% pro-life this legislative session!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana, 

Benjamin Clapper


P.S. Just today, we are happy to report that U.S. Senate Leadership failed in their attempted to pass legislation that would have invalidated the recent "Hobby Lobby" decision by the Supreme Court.  The legislation, S. 2578, would have violated religious liberty and FORCED businesses like Hobby Lobby to cover drugs that destroy human life.  Thanks to Senator Vitter for voting against S. 2578.  UNFORTUNATELY, Senator Landrieu voted in favor of S. 2578, and against religious liberty. 

Thank YOU! Pro-Life Radio Campaign Continues! 
Thanks to all of our recent donors, we have been able to continue our radio campaign against Planned Parenthood! 
Our campaign is designed to counteract Planned Parenthood's massive radio media campaign in the New Orleans market. You can help us expose their abortion business by sponsoring a radio spot for $100. 
Each of these prime-time spot at $100 piece will be heard by approximately 27,000 adults in the New Orleans area. 
Just Saying No To A Dirty Job
Please take a few minutes and read the fantastic article by Peter Finny, the editor of the Clarion Herald, about Brother Frommeyer, the Vice President of River Parish Disposal.  Frommeryer, after realizing his company was working for Planned Parenthood in New Orleans, withdrew from their contract agreement. 
Finny writes, "All of a sudden, Brother discovered the facts: his family owned company, which includes everything several relatives, was hauling trash at what could become the largest tomb for the unborn in the state of Louisiana."

Thank You Brother Frommeryer and Mr. Finney for protecting life!
40 Days For Life Louisiana
40 Days for Life Louisiana is just around the corner! This year, 40 Days For Life will take place in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport Bossier. 
Through peaceful prayer, churches and groups will leave their comfort zones and face the reality that abortions happen daily in their community. 
Congressman Cassidy Responds to His Teenage Daughter's Pregnancy
Earlier this month Congressman Bill Cassidy announced that his teenage daughter was pregnant. Louisiana Right to Life's own Sarah Zagorski wrote a column for reflecting on Cassidy's reaction of the news.
Join us as a Luminary Member!
Our Summer 2014 "The Luminary" will be arriving in mailboxes across Louisiana in the next few weeks.  You can receive your own by becoming a Luminary Member by online or by calling us at 1.866.463.5433. 
How Did YOUR Legislator Vote?

Do you want to find out how your legislator voted in the 2014 Legislative Session?  Louisiana Right to Life has released our 2014 Scorecard!

The Right to Life Legislative Scorecard educates the people of Louisiana on how their state legislators voted on some of the most important issues regarding the protection of human life in Louisiana. 
We encourage you to carefully examine the votes of your State Senators and Representatives.  
Once you have looked up your legislator's record, contact them.  If they have a 100% pro-life record, as most do, thank them.  If their record is less than perfect, ask them to vote more pro-life next year.

We are thankful for the successful outcome of the 2014 Legislative Session.  By contacting your legislator and referring to our scorecard, you will be making a big difference in encouraging them to vote pro-life in the future.

To find out more about the 2014 Legislative Session visit our website,
Conversing on Campus  
By: Cisco Gonzales, LSU Students for Life President  

Pro-Life Students "Tabling" at LSU
Our college campuses are the front lines of the abortion battle. The majority of abortions are performed on college-age women, and according to the Guttmacher Institute, 18% of U.S. women obtaining abortions are teens, and 33% of all abortions happen between the ages of 20-24. This is the place where we win or lose the hearts and minds of our generation. Apathy is not an option.

Fortunately, Students for Life groups are changing the face of this battle around the country. I am blessed to be part of LSU Students for Life, which our school newspaper recently declared as one of the most well-known clubs on campus. This is largely due to the visibility and effectiveness of our organization. We come together for weekly meetings, but we know that these meetings are not enough. They exist for the sake of planning other events, such as weekly "tabling" in LSU's Free Speech Alley and awareness events that we hold every semester.  In addition, we regularly host guest speakers to further educate ourselves on pro-life issues. 

While there are many life issues, LSU Students for Life focuses on abortion since it is such a pressing college issue. "Tabling" is a method that our club uses to engage in conversation with college students about abortion. Too often abortion is a topic that is avoided at all costs. We believe that we must foster conversation on these topics for the sake of women and children. 
Representatives from LSU Students for Life have been trained by Camp Joshua Programs to converse about abortion in a way that is constructive.  We respect those we disagree with and aim to build common ground. The engaging conversations begin with a simple question: "Should abortion remain legal?".  Using scientific and philosophical arguments, we work hard to keep the conversations focused on the truly pressing issues, such as what the unborn is, whether abortion is good for women, and why all human lives should be protected without exception.

Every semester we host our "Expose Planned Parenthood" awareness event for two days. We utilize six foot tall posters which expose the horrors of Planned Parenthood's (PP's) abortion business. Having worked with the Nola Needs Peace Coalition, our group is able to present our campus with factual and shocking information from PP's own public records. We also engage in a "Cemetery of the Innocents" every semester. We wake up at sunrise to place 3,700 pink and blue flags on the quad of LSU's student union. Each flag represents one child killed by abortion everyday, along with the woman wounded by abortion.  We certainly have mixed reactions from students at all of these events.  Without question, our fellow students, including members of VOX (PP's student group on campus), are being made more aware of the statistics and realities of Planned Parenthood's abortion business. 

At LSU Students for Life, our goal is to educate our camps about abortion, making it unthinkable through events like these and through conversing with people in our everyday lives. Attending college as a full-time student is a daunting task between homework, studies, and tests. However, waking up every day knowing that 3,700 innocent children will die to abortion motivates us to not only focus on our college studies, but also focus on ending abortion. We may not be able to see the results of our events directly, but we will continue to host them and spread the truth of what abortion really is until everyone is granted the right to life which we all deserve!

If yo
u want to equip the young people in your life to become pro-life leaders, have them register TODAY for the Joshua Leadership Institute (JLI)! It will take place from July 27th-31st. 
Upcoming Events

Aug. 4: Terrebonne Parish Pro-Life Town Hall

Aug. 5: Vermillion Parish Pro-Life Town Hall

Aug. 14: 40 Days for Life Pre-Campaign Party in NOLA 

Aug. 19: Pointe Coupee Parish Town Hall

Oct. 20Golf Fore Life! Tournament in New Orleans

Nov. 4: U.S. Senate/Congressional Election

Nov. 15: Louisiana Right to Life Conference in Baton Rouge

Dec. 6: Run off for November 4th Election

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Louisiana Right to Life, established in 1970, works through education, legislation, activism, and service to restore the right to life in Louisiana by opposing abortion, euthanasia, and other life destroying actions.