May 2021
Happy May, Friends!
I’m excited to report that our team has been back in the office for a whole month now. It sure feels great to be back together again! We are still limiting traffic into our office space to be cautious, but welcome appointments for anyone who would prefer to meet face to face! Just give us a call to schedule...we miss your faces, too!
April was a fun month—we closed out our first quarter referral program and made a donation to Lions Sight & Tissue Foundation. We also had our quarterly drawing for all referral sources and drew the winner for $150. We love having the opportunity to give back to our community and to our friends that so kindly refer us to their friends and family. You can find out more about our referral program inside this newsletter.
My family and I spent a good part of April replacing plants that didn’t survive the big Texas freeze. While it was sad to say goodbye to some beautifully established plants, it was fun to play in the dirt with my family and we love watching the changes that occur daily as things grow and bloom. I’m looking forward to having friends and family over for BBQ’s and pool parties this Summer to enjoy the backyard. 

I hope that you are doing well and please reach out if there’s anything you need from your JVM Family.
Best Wishes for a fun and healthy month!

Jeff Van Matre

May Giveaway!
Teachers have always had a tough job. Enter COVID -19…our teachers have adapted to online and hybrid learning, teaching behind a mask, helping ensure our children wash their hands effectively…and so much more. 
We appreciate our teachers EVERY DAY but during the month of May, we want to showcase the best of the best. 
Enter our May Giveaway on Facebook ( to nominate your favorite teacher(s). You can nominate up to 3 teachers (because we know it’s hard to just pick one)! 
Each teacher will be entered into a random drawing on Thursday May 20th for a $50 Amazon Gift Card! 

Riddle Answer:

Doing backflips!!!

JVM Referral Program
We are pleased to share that our 2nd Quarter Referral Program benefits My Possibilities located in Plano, TX. My Possibilities is a non-profit that serves as a pioneering leader in vocational education and job placement for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) throughout North Texas. Read more about their awesome organization on their website, My Possibilities.

Here's how our program works:
  • Tell your friends, family and colleagues about your great experience with us!

  • We'll provide them with an insurance review and quote (no obligation).

  • As a token of our thanks, we'll send you a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

  • You'll also be entered into a quarterly drawing for $150 cash and an annual drawing for $500 cash!

  • We will donate $5 per referral to My Possibilities!

Happy Mother's Day - May 9th
Max: It was great to see my mom at my wedding. Very special to have her there!
Angie: I'm so lucky to have my mom. She's not only an amazing mother to me, but the best grandma in the world. She has the best heart and is always my first call for advice, good news or bad news. Thanks mom!
Rachelle: Thank you mom! You are an amazing support system to me and my best friend!
Jeff: My mom always has my back and is my biggest cheerleader, I definitely hit the jackpot!