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Work Family Resource Center (WFRC) is a  501(c) 3 non-profit child care resource and referral agency committed 
to providing consumer education, child care referrals 
and resources to support quality child care.

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Ask the Behavior Specialist: I have a three year old girl in my class that will grab toys away from others. How do I teach her to stop?


Question: "I have a three year old girl in my class that will grab toys away from others. How do I teach her to stop?"

Answer: Yikes! This happens so often! It is frustrating for everyone. A new skill is needed and one way to introduce a helpful skill could be through a song. Let's plant the idea of trading toys and utilize the help of all the children in the group. Start by passing out small toys to the children during circle time, and sing these words to the tune of:

"Mary Had A Little Lamb" 

I can be a problem solver, problem  solver, problem solver...I can be a problem solver. Let me show you how. 

Maybe I can trade with you, trade  with you.... trade with you....Maybe I can trade with you... Let me show you how.

Demonstrate how to trade, and describe to the children how it works well and how it helps classmates take care of one another. Then have children practice trading toys with each other.

With this particular child, stress how the reactions of other children are positive using this new way to get a toy she wants.

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The Parent Specialists have strong child development backgrounds; either experience, education or both. They will share information about the guidelines governing child care facilities in North Carolina, help you determine what you should look for when selecting a child care facility and provide referrals to child care centers that may be near their home or on their route to work. They can also answer questions that range from the developmental stages of children or how to build relationships with child care providers. They can also tell you about local options to help you pay for child care.

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