How do higher speeds and smaller devices affect ESD?

EOS/ESD Symposium, Sept. 10-15, offers NEW Manufacturing Track Sessions

Has the trend of higher speeds and smaller devices created issues in your workplace? For many in the electronics industry, it’s one of the biggest problems they face. The EOS/ESD Association, a leader in ESD protection and control mitigation, is addressing this issue head on with a special workshop at the EOS/ESD Symposium, September 10-15, at the Westin LaPaloma Resort in Tucson, Arizona.

The new Manufacturing Track program features hands-on sessions designed to enhance your understanding of the instruments and measurements used in ESD control. This is more than just a discussion as equipment and demonstrations will be available for your preview and practice. There will also be tutorials to provide more focused learning opportunities on relevant subjects.

We have also invited a few industry leaders to speak at the Manufacturing Track sessions. There will also be discussion groups as part of the program to provide the opportunity to ask questions and share information with fellow professionals.

You can click here for the entire Manufacturing Track program. This program is included at no charge as part of the entire EOS/ESD Symposium.

For complete info on the entire event, please visit the EOS/ESD Association website.  Remember, there is a $100 early bird discount if you register before July 24. Be sure to mention “SelecTech” when you sign up.

Hope to see you at the Symposium!
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