People really like living here
A majority of residents rate quality of life in the central Puget Sound region as good or excellent, according a PSRC survey of 2,000 people in the region. The statistically valid public opinion survey was conducted in March as part of gathering input to shape VISION 2050. T op things that people like about living here: the region's natural environment, climate and outdoor recreation.

Regional Transportation Plan in the home stretch
Today the Executive Board unanimously recommended approval of the Regional Transportation Plan. The plan maps out the many significant investments and strategies planned for the next two decades to improve mobility in the region. It reflects the amazing progress we've made in recent years to fund needed projects, through Connecting Washington, Sound Transit 3, and local transit and transportation initiatives. Thank you to elected leaders, staff and many others for making this plan the region's best yet. On May 31, the General Assembly will take final action.
Sea-Tac Airport busier than ever

Our latest Puget Sound Trend tracks data on passenger and air cargo volumes at Sea-Tac Airport. In 2017, more than 46 million passengers passed through Sea-Tac, a 2.6% increase. Air cargo activity experienced even more growth - a 16% increase over the previous year. Analyzing data and forecasted growth at the region's airports will be part of our regional aviation baseline study. We'll be working with the FAA to study the dynamics of the region's aviation activity and get ready for growing demand.
Mayor Amy Ockerlander cuts the ribbon.
Duvall completes the Main Street project

I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic event in Duvall on Wednesday to celebrate the completion of the city's Main Street project. PSRC provided $1.6 million to this project through our Rural Town Centers funding program. The work has transformed a section of State Route 203 through town, adding sidewalks, bike lanes, new lighting, utility upgrades and streetscape improvements.
TIGER is now BUILD - Apply by July 19 

Many of you will remember the TIGER discretionary grant program. The program has now been retooled to BUILD, which stands for Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development. USDOT has just announced the details. The program has changed to focus more on rural projects, including rural broadband. Applications are due July 19. You can find more details here. If PSRC staff can be helpful to jurisdictions applying for this program, please get in touch.

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Executive Director
Puget Sound Regional Council
April 26, 2018