How to Schedule
Make-up Lessons

We made a video for you
Give us 24-48 hours notice
 that you can't make it to your lesson
and you qualify for a make-up.

First, cancel your lesson you can't attend. You can do this one of two ways....

  • Click on the cancel button on your reminder email. (easiest)

Or go to the Sign-In button at

  • Click the Sign-IN button at or use button below

  • Hit lessons - and press cancel on appropriate lesson.

Click on the YouTube video above for instructions on how to schedule your make-up lesson.

  • Click the Sign-IN button at or use button below

  • Once you are signed in, click Book Now and find the Makeup Lessons tab.

  • Select your lesson type, teacher, and time that work for you.

  • Make sure that the makeup is lesson is booked under the correct STUDENT, and not under the parent account. Ex. (Homer logs on to book a makeup saxophone lesson for his daughter Lisa, so he should book it under Lisa's name)