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June 2019
School's out and summer is upon us! Lots going on this month including LGBT Pride, The Men's U.S. Open Golf Tournament, Father's Day and the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 is in full swing. Go USA!
Eileen's Lesson:
Oops I did it again! Have you ever been on auto pilot? The other day, like every day, I took a shower and washed my hair.
I got out of the shower, put what I thought was hair oil in my hair and brushed it in. I suddenly realized that I still had soap in my hair, so I quickly rinsed it out and then re-applied the oil, only to then see that I still had soap. What did I do? Rinsed my hair again and then reached for the hair oil to suddenly discover that the oil (which is in a pumper) and the hand soap (also in a pumper) had somehow switched places on my bathroom counter and thus the reason for the never ending soapy bubbles.

Admit it, we have all done it. Drive to work when we meant to go the gym or vice versa. We become used to doing certain things, going certain places so much that logic doesn’t always kick in.

What about being on auto pilot at work? Paying bills without looking closely; signing off on documents without verifying all the details; accepting answers to questions that aren’t complete and more.

How do we avoid work auto pilot and/or prevent it from becoming an issue? Being mindful, taking regular breaks, exercise, eating right, changing duties, asking another person to review our work, and of course having an HR audit conducted by The HR Team!

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