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Core Concepts for Building Resilient Children
Children need adults like you to grow both as individuals and collectively in society. Here are some important tips for building resilience in youth:
  1. Allow children to help themselves and others
  2. Help them make choices that have consequences they understand
  3. Encourage them to engage in regular aerobic activity
  4. Provide opportunities for quality time
  5. Build routines
Bright Spot Tip: Understand Yourself
Rising loneliness rates have been linked to long-term stress and illness.

When you understand your story, you communicate better with friends, coworkers, and family. The ACE Study can help.

Agency Spotlight: Eva Beard

Eva exemplifies how we can succeed in
changing the direction of our lives. She has worked long past the typical retirement age and found great joy in her career.

Her message to up-and-coming social workers: While education is important, what you learn in the field is critical. Choose diverse employment opportunities, go where clients live to see what they have to work with so you can help them make the most of their situations, and provide parenting skills training.

Eva Beard
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