The IEP is a legal document that is developed and reviewed annually by the CSE for your child’s special education instruction, supports, and services. It is unique for each student and outlines how progress will be made in school.

What is the difference between an Accommodation and a Modification on the IEP?

Modifications change what a child is taught or expected to do in school. Accommodations change how a child learns or accesses the curriculum.

Examples of IEP Accommodations during Distance Learning
How information is presented to students

Use audio recordings instead of reading text

Format pages with fewer items per page or line

Record the teacher reading the instructions

Use visual presentations of verbal material, such as word webs

How students complete assignments

Give responses in a preferred form (spoken or written) such as dictation to an adult or a peer

Use a calculator or a table of math facts

Use graphic organizers and sentence starters to help structure and generate writing ideas

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