Monthly Newsletter | November 2020

Your #HealthyMinds Update
This month, we invite you to open your minds and hearts to some emotional healing.

Emotional fatigue is wearing on many of us all across our country, between a fraught election season, an ongoing pandemic, and rising mental health concerns. Take some time this month to think of things you're grateful for, big or small. Practicing gratitude is a helpful way to reframe negative thoughts into more positive ones, to build resilience, and to strengthen well-being. And did you know? November is National Gratitude Month! What better time to start making gratitude a daily habit?

As we head toward the holiday season, remember to take a deep breath and prioritize your mental health. Here are a few suggestions for you and the young people in your life:

  1. Take breaks from the news. It's okay to unplug from the media when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
  2. Establish a daily schedule. Having structure in your routine can reduce anxiety, but give yourself permission to change plans, when needed.
  3. Set aside time to practice self-care. Whether it's taking a walk, meditating, or reading a book, find what works for you and put it in your calendar!
  4. Spend screen time together. Find a good show or movie to watch with your family, and talk with them about what you're seeing.
  5. Be patient with yourself and others. Remind the young people in your life that it's okay to make mistakes, and help them remember that we are all doing the best we can.

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Are you concerned about your child or grandchild's emotional health as this pandemic continues? Then join Dr. Gene Beresin and Massachusetts General Hospital on Nov. 17 at 4pm ET for a special, live Q+A event:

Coping During a Pandemic: Tools for Promotion of Mental Health for Your Children and Grandchildren

Free to attend! RSVP today:
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Monthly Mindfulness:
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