How do we read the Bible?
by Dan Bracken, Communications Director
The Bible is a deeply rich and wonderfully inspiring collection of books that document the story of God and God’s people. It can also be wildly confusing, misinterpreted and potentially damaging if not approached with understanding and care.
So how do we read the Bible?
How about…together?
This year started with a question: “What if our whole church read the Bible together for a whole year? The WHOLE Bible?”
Turns out, there’s an app for that.
Bible In One Year is a yearlong Bible reading plan that includes commentary from Nicky Gumbel. Nicky is also the curator of a popular course we’ve hosted at Ginghamsburg called Alpha. 
I downloaded the app in January and I gotta tell ya…it’s pretty slick! Each day has a reading from the Psalms, New and Old Testament, and a reflection full of super helpful insights from Mr. Gumbel. The words are there for you to read, but there’s also a 20-minute audio recording so you can listen while you eat breakfast or drive to work.
Several others within our church have also downloaded the Bible in One Year app. We thought it would be way more fun to do it together, so we’ve created a few new channels to host conversation about what we’re learning. If you haven’t hopped on board, it’s only March! There’s still 75% of the year left! 
To join the conversation, here’s all you need to know:
  1. Download the Bible in One Year app for the full reading plan and daily reflections.
  2. Join the Ginghamsburg Facebook Group and share your thoughts, ask questions and make new connections.
  3. Pop into the Bible in One Year reflection group in the Tipp City Campus Backstage Classroom every Sunday morning at 10:30am.
  4. Follow the Ginghamsburg blog for unique reflections on the Bible from our very own team of writers. 
Am I following this reading plan 100% every day? I wish I could say yes, haha… BUT even a little bit is better than nothing. Truthfully, the more conversation we get going, the more motivated we’ll all be to dig into the Word.
I’m excited for worship this Sunday! I hope you are too.
Dan Bracken
Communications Director
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