Recently, our team designed and facilitated a three-day retreat for Equity Now. Equity Now’s mission is to discover, plan and implement innovative solutions for pathways for building equity. They currently operate the 2022 Maryland Charter School of the Year, Legends Charter School, and they are focused on expanding their footprint in the coming years.

Setser Group met with the executive team and planning committee over the summer. To prepare, each member of the executive team, as well as twenty-five retreat participants, completed the Enneagram Assessment and filled in their personal user manuals ahead of the retreat.

The three-day retreat was held at Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City, Maryland, and included three big goals for their team:

  • Deepen team-ness
  • Access tools to transform outcomes for those they serve
  • Develop game plans and roadmaps forward for leaders to scale their work and impact

Each day included some truths that were undeniable to moving the work forward.

Some of those truths included this statement from the day one Ted Talk: 

Atasha James, CEO of Legends Charter School, followed up on these remarks in her Ted Talk on Day 2, where she described her own superpowers and encouraged others to find theirs. Check out the video here:


While we can’t show you all of the secret sauce at Setser Group, we can link you to some of the tools we use to help teams create opportunities for Equity Now, as well as give our followers a brief toolkit to become legendary.

The list on the left has some of our favorite tools.  

Design Exercise: 


Getting Feedback:

Build Activities:


Check out these fun videos from Day 1 and Day 2 at the retreat. So much can be accomplished when people seek to create peak experiences and moments together.

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