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July 7, 2017

Portuguese Water Dog in a Working Retriever Trim

Judy Hudson works her magic on a young Portuguese Water Dog that has not yet filled out. Not only is this pet transitioning from its puppy to adult coat, it has a little bit of a 'tude. Not to worry. Judy handles this with the grace and skill you'd expert from a professional.
The entire time she's working, Judy is talking about the breed standard, structure, areas to pay close attention to, and tricks to make the grooming go more quickly. This lesson is sure to be a hit for those working on this breed standard as well as looking for useful handling techniques. 
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From the Archives!  
Basic Handling Techniques for Small, Medium, Large, and Special Needs Dogs

In this lesson, Michell walks you through the basics of pet handling on multiple dogs. She shows you typical holds any pet professional will need to use when grooming a dog. Michell also discusses the importance of a safety loop and how to adjust it correctly.

If you are a fresh to the grooming world, or have inexperienced staff that could use some basic training on pet handling, this is the video for you!
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