Volume: 8  Issue: 4

July 14, 2016
How do you like your Realtor?
Small, Medium or Large?

I hope you all had a fun and fabulous 4th of July! I love our little Danville 4th of July parade - though we all agreed we need fewer old guys singing rock 'n roll on flat bed trucks and more floats and acts - like the horses and their cattle drive - how cute was that? Love the Methodist Church in Alamo - last year they were the Minions - remember?

The 4th of July is kinda like the mid-summer mark for me. Graduations, Father's day and early summer trips are behind us, now it's time to hunker into the lazy days of summer and think about all the Real Estate stuff that comes with being in, or out, of a new house by the time school starts. There are a few seasonal things that really drive Residential Real Estate - and school getting out, or starting is one of them. If you are thinking about a move - think about this...

So, I'm curious  - how do you like your Realtor? Small (less than five transactions a year) Medium (8-20 transactions a year) or Large (20-100+ transactions a year)? Like most of our service providers - Realtors build their business to accommodate their needs and level of commitment and seriousness about their jobs. And how much income we want and need. 

It may surprise you that the VAST majority of agents do fewer than four transactions a year. Given our price points, 3% of a million dollar house, has a Realtor who does just four transactions a year still making enough to supplement a family income, or support a single person. But it's a little scary to put your biggest asset into the hands of someone who doesn't really do this full time and just does three or four transactions a year. With litigation rampant and the process ever changing and unfortunately getting more and more complicated - it's hard for anyone to be good at something they only do three or four times a year! 

Ever heard the expression "20% of the _______, do 80% of the work" - as it applies to most everything in life, it's true with Realtors too. About 20% of the Realtors are Medium sized. That means we do the job full time, and we'll do anywhere from 8-24 transactions a year. One or two a month, always busy, but not so slammed we can't be there for our buyers and sellers. We have lots of help with our team of Transaction Coordinators, lenders, title etc., but when you hire a medium sized agent, you get that agent, not a slew of assistants and others. I am a Medium, and it's how I choose to run my business!!

Fewer than 5% of agents are a size Large - and once an agent goes big, they tend to go REALLY big. I was surprised early in my career to learn that in our market, fewer than 5% of Residential Real Estate Agents do more than 20 transactions a year. And some do a LOT more than 20! A former colleague of mine consistently did over 100 transactions a year - that's 2-3 a week. I call these Agents "machines" because they are!! I admire that model, and they make A LOT of money - but they have to have a full time staff to make the 100's of moving pieces of a RE transactions come together that many times in a week. 


So If you are considering a Real Estate move, decide how you like your Realtor - Small, Medium or Large, it could have a BIG impact on how YOUR transaction goes. 
  A referral is the greatest compliment you can give me, thank you for your steady flow of referrals!
Always a Reason to Celebrate!

July is National Blueberry Month - and we all know how yummy big plump blueberries are - and how good they are for you too!! We had a Blueberry U-pick near the summer camp we went to in Michigan as kids - for a couple of weeks - probably in July, now that I think about it, we would eat so many blueberries, I'm surprised we didn't turn blue! Something about this makes me think of Willy Wonka?

Cow Appreciation Day - July 15th 
Now who doesn't appreciate their cow? I love that we still have cows grazing in the open spaces around us. When we hike, we are often confronted with a group of cows - and once one of my friends was rammed by a cow (it was protecting her baby) - but they are peaceful for the most part and I know I appreciate them!

National Caviar Day - July 18th 
There is something fishy about this one! I for one, love caviar - but most people don't.  Good thing since it's so expensive!

International Day of Friendship - July 30th 
Now here's one we should all TRULY celebrate and engage in. With all the hate and violence we've been seeing lately, let's make a real effort to be friendlier to EVERYONE.  Officially sponsored by the United Nations, this day  we are called to activities and actions that promote mutual understanding and reconciliation. I'll take a double dose of International Day of Friendship!

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, 
listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, 
is by no means a waste of time. 
~ John Lubbock

Nancy's Pick of the Week
1449 Sunnybrook Lane, Alamo
2 bedroom/1 bath           1740 square feet              $1,049,000

You all know how much I love old houses, and how rare they are where we live. Hop through the tunnel to Piedmont and Berkeley, or even more so across the Bay Bridge to the The City, and there are plenty - but "post WWII" ranchers are pretty much the norm where we live. But not this little guy! A darling 1940 cottage house with vaulted ceilings and a real sense of charm. With two bedrooms and one bath, it's like a little doll house!! But I love it anyway. Now THAT would be downsizing.

Photos courtesy of Robin Heuer, Listing Agent

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