Some of my favorite memories of my family’s elders are listening to their stories. As your family ebbs and flows, preserving your family history for generations to come is important. In this age of smart devices - in most cases - print photographs are out, and digitals are in. If you have a large family, try to split up the preservation role so it doesn’t fall on to one single household or person. Chances are, there are decades of items to discuss, scan, and prepare for future generations to enjoy. 

In the meantime, if you have a chance these next few months, make it a priority to sit with your elders and record their voices telling you about their childhood, parents, and other memories. We’re walking around with video cameras in our pockets and handbags, so let’s record some memories!
A Guide to Storing Family Heirlooms
Family heirlooms are more than just things. They’re the silent matriarchs and patriarchs that tie generations together. The stories connected to these pieces remind us where we came from. Damaging them can feel like losing part of our own history. That’s why properly storing family heirlooms is essential.
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13 DIY Family History Crafts and Gifts
Once you've sorted through your family heirlooms, you might want to actually DO something with them! Here are some fun ideas to incorporate your family heirlooms into your day to day life, just in time for the holidays!