August 23, 2023 | Issue 79

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Mindfulness Activities

Daily Meditation & Contemplative Practice Offerings: Breathing breaks, reflection journaling, monthly morning practice, midweek mantras, mindful drawing, and meditation. This is a virtual offering from Pratt Institute and is free & open to all.

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Article: The Met Announces Harlem Renaissance Exhibition for 2024

Curator Denise Murrell is presenting the exhibition “The Harlem Renaissance and Transatlanta Modernism,” which will open from February 25 to July 28, 2024. The exhibition will include paintings from Black colleges and universities around the United States. It aims to create a more long-term connection between Black institutions and the Met, and to address the historical baggage of a 1969 exhibition that brought anti-Black protesters.

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Video: Valuing What Matters to You

Artist Matthew Deleget explains how he sets goals that reflect his values as opposed to only looking at the traditional markers for an artist’s success, i.e. money and fame.

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Join the next Artists Thrive Meetup

Our monthly virtual meet up will be on August 31, 2023 at 3:00PM EST. This month's discussion is on practical uses for AI.

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Employment Opportunity: ACI Co-director of Ops & Humans

Arts Connect International (ACI) seeks to hire a Co-Director of Ops & Humans who will lead the high-level management of the organization’s operations, humans and strategic vision. This position reports directly to the other co-directors as a part of their circular and shared leadership structure.

Apply By: August 25, 2023

Location Commitment: Boston-based with 2 in-office days per week

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Black philanthropy: Overcoming the wealth gap to build on a legacy of giving

Black philanthropy has a long history of overcoming the wealth gap to build a legacy of giving. In recent years, there has been a renewed focus on Black philanthropy, as organizations seek to address racial inequities and build a more just and equitable society.

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US Judge Rules AI-Generated Art Not Protected by Copyright Law

Are you interested in the ongoing debates about AI and law? This article gives more details on the ruling from a Washington, D.C. federal judge about AI not being eligible for copyright law. The judge notes that AI’s lack of “human involvement”.

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Join Our Community Forum

Artists Thrive now has it's own community forum! Join conversations with other artists, arts educators, arts administrators, etc.

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Call for Applications: AAP Magazine “SHAPES”

The Shapes Photography Competition 2023 is a global photography competition that celebrates the beauty of shapes in photography. Photographers of all levels are invited to submit their best photographs that feature shapes in a creative and original way. The winners will receive cash prizes, their winning images published in AAP Magazine, and global recognition.

Submission Deadlines: September 5, 2023

Award Amount: !st-3rd place winners receive cash and images published in magazine.

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Employment Opportunity: Lead Research Manager & Research Advisory Board Member

Arts Administrators of Color is hiring for two research related positions: Lead Research Manager & Research Advisory Board Member. These positions are fully remote. Applications are accepted through Google forms. Submit as soon as possible.

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Call for Applications: Polar STEAM – Antarctic Artists & Writers Application

Polar STEAM is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project that supports collaborations between educators, artists, and writers with polar researchers. There are two possibilities for Artists & Writers’ field time in Antarctica: (1) to be embedded with a science team, or (2) to conduct their work independently in Antarctica. Depending on the nature of the artist or writer’s proposed work, there are advantages to either scenario. In the first scenario, being embedded with a science team would involve daily collaboration and work together during the field season, with collaboration time pre-and post- season as well. In the second scenario, the artist or writer would still be in the Antarctic environment and interact with some science teams and people living and working at Antarctic research stations.

Submission Deadline: August 31, 2023 at 11:59PM

Stipend: $2,000

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