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The Fallis Trophy was last awarded in 2005 as part of the Chapter's annual curling bonspiel. 

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August 2015
Relaxed Yet?

I hope your summer is going well...but there is no use in pretending "winter is coming" as the saying goes, and the world seems to start up again right after Labour Day.

I was thinking back to my days as a new employee and trying to remember what that was like (it was not that long ago, after all...was it?!). Anyway what came to mind was all the training I received and the presentations I sat through. As it turns out, that is what the editorial staff was thinking about too!

In the  Spotlight today we look at how we train our new staff (and hearken back to how we were trained), and in our Opinion section we look at professional presentations and how PowerPoint is sometimes viewed as less than the perfect tool.



PS - "winter is coming"...have you thought about committing to the Chapter and serving on our board? We need you!



"When my 19-year-old called me to find out where the broiler was in our kitchen, I knew I'd let my kids down."
~Sarah Willis


If you have ever been trained for a job (some people never get any training), you likely have some memories you would rather forget about a major mistake or embarrassment during that training. If the person training you was a poor trainer or resented the fact that they had to train, your experience was likely even less pleasant, and your memory of that person is likely not very flattering. 


Is that how you would like to be remembered as you train the next generation of credit staff for your company? 


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A Social Media Moment

Pinterest grabs 41% of the ecommerce traffic compared to Facebook's 37%.

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Does PowerPoint Make Us Stupid?


We have all sat through and given presentations using PowerPoint. Because everyone has done this at some point or another, some people get the idea that they are experts on the subject. As a result I am sure that we all have heard a lot of advice on presentations.


This advice given on the website is more interesting than the usual list we normally hear (see 


Ultimately it concludes that PowerPoint is a finishing tool, and not a starting tool.



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Directors are board members without portfolio, and comprise the majority of the board. They work within the board to help ensure the success of board plans and activities.

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