We are stuck with technology, when all we want is just stuff that works. - Douglas Adams
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Of course we know you probably don't "control the weather" (or do you?), but you can control the effects it has on your personal space, not to mention understand and predict it through data tracking and analysis.

So, as the seasons are changing, let's hear what kinds of weather related projects you've embarked on or are considering, and anything you'd care to share about the hardware/software, motivation for it, results, challenges, discoveries... you get the idea - weather related stuff
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The Lost Art of Strip Board Prototyping
Many techs of yesteryear built their projects on a breadboard, then would transfer everything to a mirror copper clad board. Here's everything you need to know to use this timeless technique to wire up circuits for prototyping or functional applications.

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Build The Wide Range Pulse Generator
Generate pulses and/or logic level signals to check out the operation of your circuit before completing a project. This simple and straightforward unit will prove to be a handy addition to your workbench.

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Newhaven Display 
Newhaven Display's 
4.3" Arduino Shields

Newhaven Display's 4.3" Arduino Shields include a capacitive or resistive touchscreen and a 480x272 resolution display classified as a sunlight-readable, premium or standard TFT.

Available in six models, these shields easily connect with some of Arduino's more classic development boards, providing a simple compact solution for developing with touch TFTs.

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Build your own electric guitar

This project will be music to your ears if you've ever wanted to construct your own stringed axe. Building this guitar - while not your typical Nuts & Volts project - was a lot of fun.

The DHT22 Humidity_Temperature Sensor Demystified

Keeping tabs on relative humidity and temperature is important in a variety of situations. Uncover the secrets of the DHT22 joint humidity/temperature sensor, to get it working for you.

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Python for Microcontrollers Getting Started with MicroPython
Book Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Python for Microcontrollers Getting Started with MicroPython 
Build and program your own electronics projects with MicroPython in no time!

Written by an experienced hobbyist, you'll get 
a hands-on introduction to Python-based microcontroller programming with MicroPython and the open-source Pyboard hardware platform.

With DIY projects that clearly demonstrate each technique, you will learn how to use the built-in sensor, store data to an SD card, control the LCD and matrix keyboard, interface with the Web - even build a cool robotic car!

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