We still NEED a November volunteer for
H O S P I T A L I T Y !
Please contact the Hospitality Chair: Hospitality@dccpta.org
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Dear PTA Advocates of Duval County:

Grace and gratitude are like turkey and pumpkin pie this time of year, but let’s not have virtues as important as these be something we only think about because the season tells us to. As PTA leaders, we want to always remember the importance of how we make our members and potential members feel, how we appreciate our volunteers, and how we treat the people we work side by side with. A good PTA is a welcoming, kind, and inclusive PTA, and those are values to celebrate year-round.

From your DCCPTA, have the most wonderful Thanksgiving! We are so grateful for you!

Theresa Rogers
President, Duval County Council of PTAs and PTSAs

at the next GM Meeting on November 19, 2019:

Words of Welcome
The Honorable Warren Jones

Guest Speakers
David Pinter, Director of School Choice:
DCPS School Choice Expo 2020

Tia Leathers, Executive Director of Family and Community Engagement:
November is Family Engagement Month 

General Membership Meeting Schedule

November 19
January 28
February 25
March 24
April 21

General Meetings are open to ALL PTA Members.
Every local unit is entitled to two voting delegates,
though anyone is welcome to attend.  

Cline Auditorium, DCPS School Board Building
1701 Prudential Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32205
Hospitality begins at 9:00 am
Meeting begins at 9:30 am 

If your local unit would like to provide hospitality at one of our general meetings please contact the Hospitality Chair: 

*Still need to fill November, March, and April!  
Please feel free to stay after the general meeting (approx 11:30am) for a
Lunch and Learn
with Katrina Taylor, DCPS
Director of School Behavioral Health All About Wellness Wednesdays & More
Each month we are collecting items at our general meetings to work in partnership with our local units and bring attention to the many needs of our community. 

Please bring to the 11/19 DCCPTA General Meeting in the
Cline Auditorium at the DCPS School Board Building.
NOVEMBER collection to benefit https://www.givingclosetproject.org/ :

-Body lotion
-New or gently used solid color polo shirts (all sizes but especially youth sizes 5t, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16)
-New socks and underwear (youth and adult sizes)
-New or gently used boys and girls sneakers 

Reflections 2019-2020

This year’s theme is: Look Within

Winning entries from your PTA/PTSA are due for county judging
December 5, 2019 9am-noon in room 613 of the DCPS School Board Building.

If your PTA is participating, make sure you have registered at https://www.pta.org/home/programs/reflections to participate in this national arts program.

For additional information visit: https://floridapta.org/reflections-art-program/  
New DCCPTA Diversity Committee 
Our New DCCPTA Diversity Committee is seeking to build its inaugural committee with members from all backgrounds and all areas of Duval County to come together and work to develop some common ideas and goals that can improve representation and educational awareness within DCPS, particularly in the areas of bias, equity and accessibility.

All interested parties, please contact
Whitney Touchton at diversity@dccpta.org
Please reach out to someone on Duval County Council if you have questions or need assistance. 
Are you continuing to GROW your membership?

If you don’t have a membership goal for the year, set one NOW and if you have a membership goal but just haven’t made it there yet, plan how you can get there! 
Please make sure you are paying your membership dues monthly to Florida PTA.  

CLICK HERE for the UPDATED Member Benefit Flyer.
NEW National PTA Partners offering discounts for ALL PTA Members

If you know of a business that would like to partner with DCC PTA,
please contact Christina Cummings at BusPart@dccpta.org
--CURRENT (2018/19) MEMBER BENEFITS expired 9/30/2019--
By now, all your compliance requirements should be completed – officers registered, membership dues paid and collected monthly, audit completed, taxes filed and bylaws reviewed, updated if required, and approved by state office.
If you have not filled your 990 taxes, call me immediately - 904.303.9251 or contact me at Treasurer@dccpta.org . Once you receive your acceptance notification from the IRS, send a copy to of your acceptance notification to 990@floridapta.org and Treasurer@dccpta.org . Insure your confirmation states your 990 is Accepted, not just Pending.  
PTA bylaws are valid for 3 years from the approval date on the first page. When renewing your bylaws, carefully compare your present bylaws to the new form which contains significant changes.Even if you do not make any changes to the optional sections, you must notify your membership of those changes which are now required on the form.

For questions, contact Betty Marty at Bylaws@dccpta.org.  

Did you know November is
National PTA Healthy Lifestyles Month? 

For more information and program ideas, go to:

Have you enjoyed our "Communications Challenge" this school year? How engaged is your PTA/PTSA?

What news would you like to see in our monthly newsletters? Email your suggestions to: communications@dccpta.org