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Vol. 3, Issue 5 (March 30/17)
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February 2017 Employment Stats

Unemployment Rate: 5.9%
(Yearly change -0.3 points decrease)

Participation Rate: 64.6 %
(Yearly change 1.5 increase)

Employment Rate: 60.7%
(Yearly change 1.5 increase)

(Info from Statistics Canada)


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The Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council (HIPC) releases its Strategic Plan 2017-2020 

Workforce Planning Hamilton continues our commitment to working with HIPC and its council to ensure that the vision that, "Hamilton welcomes newcomers, celebrates diversity, and is a place for everyone to call home" becomes a reality.

HIPC was established in 2009 and is a local planning and advisory body that brings partners together to help with the delivery of local settlement services and to support newcomers in Hamilton.

HIPC launched its Strategic Plan 2017-2020 on March 29, 2017 and WPH congratulates them on their new direction.

HIPC's Strategic Goals

1. Newcomers are supported through strong community partnerships, Strategic Priority: Co-ordination of Services
2. Hamilton is a responsive, welcoming and inclusive community, Strategic Priority: Communications and Community Engagement

3. HIPC is a leader in immigration research and knowledge sharing, Strategic Priority: Research and Evaluation

Stats Canada report: Completing an apprenticeship in Canada yields benefits

math-tools-header.jpg The new 2015 National Apprenticeship Survey (NAS) looked at who was registering for apprenticeships and whether apprentices were using available financial support programs.
The survey also looked into why some apprentices did not complete their apprenticeship programs.

Results from the 2015 NAS show that, overall, there were clear benefits for apprentices in completing their programs. Those who completed an apprenticeship program were more likely to have a permanent job, employment benefits and income, than those who left their programs before completion. 

And...Stay tuned for more information on the Skilled Trades Research project that WPH will be conducting in 2017-2018. 

We'll be looking into the shortages in skilled trades to find out the alignment between supply and demand. Working with new Census information and information from the Ontario College of Trades we'll find out which skilled trades occupations have critical shortages.

Register today for Together We Are Better 2.0, April 21/17

The Mayor's Table for Syrian Newcomers and HIPC invites front line workers in language and employment services to attend a half-day workshop to explore new ways of working together to help newcomers to Hamilton.

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