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September 9, 2017

Eclipse viewing in the sanctuary
Eclipse viewing in the sanctuary
World of Wolves

Sanctuary update

Eclipse anyone?

London bathed in the soft light of the eclipse
London bathed in the soft 
light of the eclipse

The million The dollar  question:  how did the wolves react to the eclipse?  Wolf Haven was open for sanctuary visits that day, and animal care staff reported that  the wolves didn't even bat an eye. Despite having 94% coverage at the sanctuary it was actually fairly light out, so they may not have even realized it was going on. Oh well. Staff and visitors with their special eclipse glasses had a good time anyway.

Eclipse shadows
cast on grass
Eclipse shadows
on gravel path

  Pup report
Our pup s have been pretty s tatus quo - growing like weeds though! Both the eight red wolf pups and the four Mexican wolf pups have been caught up and handled for their program-required check-ups and vaccinations. All of the pups continue to look and act healthy.

Finally, some sad news, we had to say goodbye to two beloved residents. M752 (Diablo) was a Mexican gray wolf who passed away after reaching the significant milestone age of 17. Jaque, a female gray wolf,  died following a short battle with an aggressive, internal tumor or growth - but she too had reached seniorhood and was 15 years old.
Dog days of summer

As the season winds to a close, we can enjoy looking at a farewell scene of summer - wolfdog sisters Senna and Willow enjoying their volunteer-made oyster, clam and herbsicles. Hmm mmm good - listen to the happy sound of crunching.

London enjoys the smells
2016 wolf paw painting by Caedus
2016 wolf paw painting by Caedus
Only three weeks away
 September 30, 2017

We have nearly sold out for Wolves & Wine!
Join  fellow wolf and wildlife advocates for an evening  of good food and wine, camaraderie, laughter, and  an opportunity to  hear about Wolf Haven's recent accomplishments and exciting future plans.

Wolves & Wine: a fun fundraiser

Interested in an original painting - done by a wolf?  Or a gorgeous handmade quilt of a wolf?  This is your chance.  Take home something beautiful and unique while you  help Wolf Haven raise critical funds for our work - including caring for the 65 wolves in residence.