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Monthly Snapshot:

The latest  unemployment rate  is 3.6 % , compared to 4.0% at the same time last year.

The latest  size of labor force is 674,387 , compared to 672,867 at the same time last year.
The latest  number of  monthly online job postings is  17,695 with 5,150 advertising for an Associate's degree or higher and 4,219 advertising for a Bachelor's degree or higher.
The latest  number of quarterly (January-March) online job postings is 40,884 , with 12,386 of those requiring an Associate's degree or higher and  9,984 of those requiring a Bachelor's degree or higher. 

*All above data refers to the Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).
What Manufacturing Can Teach Us About How Automation Impacts Jobs

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Louisville Earnings by Age Group

Ever wonder about the link between age and earnings? These new visualizations show earning levels of full-time workers in the Louisville MSA by age group. 

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