"Whether you think you can
or you think you can't, you're right."
Henry Ford
These two Snowflakes sister siblings are filled with future hope in the green field of spring. Their parents are invested in giving them love and a future. The girls expectantly wait for what each day will bring forth.
Henry Ford was on to something. If you are still considering embryo donation or adoption we want you to THINK YOU CAN. The Snowflakes program has the experience and experts to help you and we're a phone call away.
Ask Questions. Get Answers.
We Decided We Could
Shortly after our chosen adopting family gave birth to Corey, his mother April and I became Facebook friends. At first, it was so strange to see pictures of him with his family. I was still working through the emotions of placing our embryos with another family. Knowing we had a biological child living across the United States who we were not raising was difficult.

Do you have a Snowflakes teenager?
In 2020, a closed Instagram group for Snowflakes children aged 14+ was formed by Snowflake #1, Hannah.

We would like to have more teenagers join the group where they can interact and discuss their experiences as embryo adopted kids.

We need you parents to help us connect with your kids!

If your child would like to join the group, please email Karli Adams at Karli@nightlight.org and provide your child's first and last name along with their Instagram handle. Karli will email the name of the private group handle to you, and your teenager can request to join. Hannah approves requests!
Announcing the

Adoptive families who participate in the Open Hearts program will be matched with embryo sets that have been waiting for a forever family for a variety of reasons. They are opening their hearts to help frozen babies have an opportunity to be born! They are saying ‘yes’ to a placing family who has been waiting for a match for their remaining embryos. They are saying ‘yes’ to the potential lives of frozen embryos.
Enter More Snowflakes Babies!
This month we welcome 5 new Snowflakes babies.
K and J welcomed their son, Judah #893
R and F welcomed their daughter, Brooke #895
J and K welcomed their son, Haddon #896
M and S welcomed their son, Benjamin #897
I and V welcomed their son, James #898
Judah is sweetly dreaming while giving himself a nice hug.
Brook's headband adorned with a bow brings her a smile.
The long-awaited Benjamin is an utter joy to his parents.
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