December 1, 2017
Vol. 2, #4

Hi all,

In our Listening Project workshops, we provide training and practice for Locals to conduct 1:1 conversations. We believe that reaching out and TALKING face-to-face with our members and our potential members helps engage and strengthen our membership. 

Some people are resistant to this idea. They think the people they talk to will ask questions they can't answer. They think they need all the answers in order to have these conversations - or maybe a checklist or flyer with talking points - because facts matter. And, let's face it, our profession leans towards facts.

In truth, the facts aren't nearly important as we think they are. Having 1:1 conversations is all about building relationships with people and inviting them to join our "tribe." Science helps us understand this theory. 

Check out this 3-minute TEDEd lesson for more information about why facts don't convince people. Enjoy.

Kathy Rohde
Regional Director 

Celebrate Success!

WEAC Region 3 welcomes 
new members in October!

Members Learn about Student Debt and Teacher Loan Forgiveness and Cancellations Programs at Recent Degrees Not Debt Workshops

Tip of the Month

The Ten-Minute Meeting
All too often we hear, "there's no reason to hold a meeting if there's nothing to report/decide/vote on." Or, we hear, "I'm not sure we have a union because there are never any meetings." But mostly, we hear, "I don't have TIME to go to ANOTHER meeting."
You have an opportunity to keep members in the loop AND respect their time by holding 10-minute meetings! It's also a great time to get feedback from people in the building. 

If you feel like you're in a rut, why not try the 10-minute meeting?

For more details about how the 10-minute meeting works, click here.

NEA Benefits
Your membership in your Local union includes memberships to the Region (WEAC Region 3), the state (Wisconsin Education Association Council), and the national (National Education Association) organizations and all provide specific benefits. Did you know your NEA membership includes:
  • Complimentary life insurance and
  • Employment Liability?
Furthermore, the free $1,000 term life insurance offered through NEA can be increased at a very competitive rate and remains in place as long as you are an active or retired member.

A simple  handout and insurance registration form  explains all the details of these important benefits and could easily be shared in a 10-minute meeting!

Note: A 10-minute meeting about NEA Benefits should be open to everyone - members and potential members alike.

Professional Development

Join the Wisconsin Education Association Council & WEA Academy, in partnership with GSafe Wisconsin, to enhance your skills in creating welcoming schools.

*Increase your knowledge about LGBTQ topics
*Find out what resources are available
*Get simple best practices everyone can use
*Learn how to conduct a training in your school

WEAC Members:  FREE
Non-Members: $160

National Board Certification for Teachers

It's a great way to distinguish yourself as an educator AND receive extra salary!

Region 3 will host GBEA member and Nationally Board Certified teacher Sandra Michels as she presents an overview of the NBCT process. Region 3 will provide member NBCT candidates with:
  • Individual coaching
  • Access to NEA Jump Start curriculum (at Summer Leadership Academy July 30-August 2)
  • Assignment of personal mentor
  • Regular candidate support sessions
  • Access to the expertise of NBCT union members
To learn more about it, come to the Information Session:

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
5:30 - 7:00 pm

Available in person at the WEAC Region 3 office in Green Bay, or virtually through ZOOM.

Click here for the flyer. Help spread the word!

Save the Dates

Eau Claire Writing Retreat - February 9-11

Madison Writing Retreat - February 16-18

NBCT Mentor Networking in Madison - Saturday, March 3

Pinning Ceremony - Sunday, March 4


Curious about NBCT in Wisconsin? Check out the Wisconsin National Board Insider, a newsletter crammed with great info!

NEA Offers Micro-Credentials
Micro-credentials are a competency based recognition that can be issued for formal and informal professional learning experiences to support educators developing skills and acquiring knowledge to improve classroom practices that support student success. Over 100 different topics are offered to members FREE of charge.

Topics include:   
  • Bullying and Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Working with English Language Learners
  • Creating Safe School Spaces for LGBTQ Students
  • Classroom Management
  • ESSA - Opportunity and Voice
  • Cooperating Teacher
  • Early Career Educator (InTASC)
  • National Board Five Core Propositions
Click here for a flyer with details.

NEA edCommunities
Free and open to all, NEA edCommunities┬« is the place online where educators, school support professionals, and community members join forces to improve student success. A variety of groups address diverse education issues including: 
  • Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) 
  • School bullying
  • National Board certification 
  • Safe and healthy schools 
  • ESP hot issues  
  • Flipped classrooms 
You can also form a group of your own to advocate and collaborate on an issue that matters to your students and schools.

Click here for a flyer with details.

WEAC Region 3