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UCSF's Dr. Ina Park releases new book

Dr. Park just released her new book, Strange Bedfellows: Adventures in the science, history and surprising secrets of STDs. She talks with us about stigma, its impacts, and how she tackles sex ed with her kids on Speaking Frankly.
Join the upcoming STD Expert Hour

There has been an increase in disseminated gonococcal infection (DGI), a severe complication of untreated gonorrhea. CDC's Dr. Laura Quilter and CA Department of Public Health's Dr. Eric Tang discuss how clinicians can address DGI.
What to know about COVID-19 vaccines

On the newest Speaking Frankly, UCSF's Dr. Monica Gandhi explains the Johnson & Johnson vaccine awaiting FDA emergency use authorization, school re-openings, and how HIV activists laid the framework for the response to COVID-19.
Should you or shouldn't you?

How can you mitigate the risk of COVID-19 while being intimate? Our friends at the National Coalition for Sexual Health created a comprehensive fact sheet to keep you and your partner(s) healthy.


The CA Dept of Public Health has released a Dear Colleague letter and expanded guidelines for syphilis detection in pregnant people.

The National Network of Disease Intervention Training Centers has a new web page with resources for COVID-19 contact tracers and case investigators.
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