During a pandemic, is it a good idea to purchase insurance? Do you have questions about the current insurance environment? 
Now more than ever, people are reassessing their insurance needs. Join the conversation to determine if now would be a good time to get additional coverage or to evaluate your current coverage.
Topics for Discussion:
  • Top 10 Things You need to know before you purchase Long Term Care Insurance
  • Why you might outlive your Universal Life Insurance policy
  • What type of coverage should you purchase in this low-interest-rate environment?
  • How has COVID-19 made it easier to get approved for life insurance?
  • How to structure your life insurance to guarantee it is tax-free?
Whether you have insurance, are looking to purchase insurance, or providing guidance to a client on insurance this webinar is for you!
Thursday, April 22nd at 2 pm 
Join TriBridge Partners Insurance Advisors Kim Natovitz, CLU®, CLTC, and Danielle Kirschner, CFBS, as they discuss what’s going on in the industry and what consumers can do to evaluate whether this is an appropriate time to think about purchasing coverage or a good time to review their current insurance portfolio.
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