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Barnstable County Regional Substance Use Council

Edition 96 | October 8, 2020
Welcome to the Barnstable County Regional Substance Use Council (RSAC)
E-Newsletter. This monthly newsletter is designed to provide information on substance use across the continuum of prevention, intervention, treatment,
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The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MA-DPH) is trying to hear from communities so that it can better help people through the COVID-19 crisis. By taking this survey, you can help find new solutions to community problems, and give MA-DPH the information they need to take action and support the communities that need it most. MA-DPH is committed to sharing information back in ways that will help us all take collective action.
Mark Your Calendars for the Next VIRTUAL RSAC Meeting!
Thursday, November 5, 2020


Call-in info will be emailed to you.
Cape Cod Children’s Place Continuing to Offer Family Recovery and Parenting Support
Cape Cod Children’s Place is continuing to offer programming to strengthen and support local families through its FIRST Steps Together Program.
Community Agencies and Therapists Offering Telehealth Support
The Barnstable County Children's Behavioral Health Work Group has developed a list of community agencies offering telehealth support HERE.

Please email barbaradominic612@gmail.com if you have additional telehealth support that you would like listed, or if you want to update your listing. This listing will be periodically updated and distributed by Barnstable County.
Recovery Coaching - With a Focus on Health and Wellness

What is Recovery Wellness Coaching? Click on button below for more information.
Virtual Training: Cultural Humility as a Methodology for Collaborating with Massachusetts Native Communities

You are invited to the VIRTUAL: Cultural Humility as a Methodology for Collaborating with Massachusetts Native Communities Workshop scheduled on Friday, October 16, 2020!

Description: The training team will present an interactive program that integrates best practices and principles regarding training for cultural humility in health care and human services (Fisher-Bourne, Cain and Martin, 2015; Betancourt, Green and Carrillo, 2016), while communicating essential knowledge and nuanced understanding regarding Native communities in Massachusetts.
LifeSkills Training and Free Materials for MA Schools

The national LifeSkills Training website has added remote activities and projects for Life Skills Training (LST) trained instructors to use in grades 3-10. Many of them are available to LST instructors at no charge, and do not require additional training. As you know, the MA Department of Public Health continues to offer online Certification Trainings in this substance misuse prevention curriculum to schools that request the training, and meet our basic implementation criteria. The teacher trainings can be done at an instructors' own pace, over a preselected week.
Support After A Death by Overdose

SADOD provides resources, information, and assistance to people throughout Massachusetts who have been affected by the death of someone they care about from a substance-use-related cause. Our focus is on increasing the capacity and effectiveness of peer grief support for bereaved people, frontline care providers, and people in recovery or struggling with drug use.
SAMHSA Training and Technical Assistance Related to COVID-19

SAMHSA is committed to providing regular training and technical assistance (TTA) on matters related to the mental and substance use disorder field as they deal with COVID-19.

Our TA programs are delivering great resources during this time. View the updated available TTA resources to assist with the current situation.
Interrupting Racism Levels 1 & 2: Amplifying Awareness and Interpersonal Engagement - (678) Training Scheduled on October 14, 2020 & October 15th, 2020

Day 1 lays the foundation for a common understanding of the breadth and depth of racism and its impact on all aspects of society. Experiencing the History of Racism Timeline in community increases awareness and commitment to racial equity. Day 2 teaches skills for respectful and equitable interactions to improve employee and client experiences.
Changes In Adult Alcohol Use and Consequences During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the U.S.

As stay-at-home orders began in some US states as a mitigation strategy for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) transmission, Nielsen reported a 54% increase in national sales of alcohol for the week ending March 21, 2020, compared with 1 year before; online sales increased 262% from 2019. Three weeks later, the World Health Organization warned that alcohol use during the pandemic may potentially exacerbate health concerns and risk-taking behaviors. This study examines individual-level changes in alcohol use and consequences associated with alcohol use in US adults, as well as demographic disparities, from before to during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Responding to COVID-19: School Mental Health

Public health emergencies such as COVID-19 have a significant impact on students and their families, educators and the school mental health workforce, as well as the school mental health system. Addressing the mental health impact on students, parents, teachers and school personnel has become more important and necessary than ever before. The Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC) Network recognizes this, and are available to assist the school mental health workforce by providing training and technical assistance to help during these trying times. 
Barnstable County COVID-19 Recovery Resources
COVID-19 can be difficult for all of us but especially for those in recovery. This might be exacerbated by people unable to attend their normal support group meetings or other recovery supports. Please click on button below to find local and nationwide resources related to substance use disorder and mental health. You can also call the MA Substance Use Helpline anytime at 800-327-5050.
Calmer Choice Free Mindful Awareness Online Practice Groups
Looking for more support in your mindful awareness practice? Check out these FREE offerings from Calmer Choice! 
Cape Cod Substance Use Resource Guide
Asking for help is the first important step.
Alcohol and other drug problems are treatable disorders. If you want to talk with a knowledgeable Information and Referral Specialist now,
Call 800-327-5050 or 617-292-5065 or view our Cape Cod Substance Use Resource Guide below.

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