A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history - with the possible exception of tequila.
How has electronics changed your world?
Of course, we all know the impact that computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices have had on the way we live. This week, we'd like to hear how you've used your love of electronics to make the world a better place.

If you work(ed) in electronics as a career
, what project have you worked on that's had the greatest impact on others? 
If you are a hobbyist, what favorite project have you worked on or built that has helped improve your own or someone else's life?

to shadowchb, the winner of our last newsletter's storytelling prize. Just like Jim before him, shadow will be getting an R Cube talking alarm clock kit from our stash. It's fun to build and does some pretty cool stuff. Since we still have a few more left, we'll keep it going until they run out. All you have to do to be eligible is participate by clicking the link above and sharing your story with us. The winner is picked at random from those who comment on this week's question.  
And welcome back to Scance (formerly Scannable). Check 'em out below!
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Change the World

While there's satisfaction from getting an LED to blink five times in a row in response to a button press, it isn't going to change the world - that is, unless you set your goals higher. What I'm suggesting is that you take your knowledge of electronics - whatever your level of expertise - and focus it towards solving a meaningful problem.

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Spice Up Your PC    
It just isn't always practical to build a circuit just to experiment with it. Luckily, with a PC, you can simulate nearly any circuit you can imagine with better results than you might expect.

Help A Brother (or Sister) Out?

Stop by our Tech Forum and weigh in on some issues. We know y'all got skills and opinions. This is the place to share some knowledge or play Stump the Nuts & Volts Readers.
The High Voltage PIC
The High Voltage PIC - Part 1
Can you generate 200 volts DC from a five-volt DC PIC power supply? Yes, you can! In this two-part series, we will build a 200 volt DC boost power supply driven by an 18F2455 Microchip PIC microprocessor. The completed power supply will generate between five and 200 volts DC from a five volt DC input.

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Scanse Scanning LIDAR
Get Sweep!
Sweep is a new scanning LiDAR sensor built to be light, robust and easy to use. With a range of 40 meters even in full sunlight and a scan rate of up to 10Hz, it's perfect for mobile robots and drones. It's available for pre-order for a limited time here

Scanse Scanning LIDAR
Smiley_s Workshop
Smiley's Workshop 44
C Programming * Hardware * Projects

Our last episode finished the LCD Navigator Project Kit by learning how to use the navigator buttons with our hard-won knowledge of C bitwise operators. So now, we'll start to learn about C pointers, arrays, and structures.

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Understanding Digital Logic ICs
Understanding Digital Logic ICs - Part 3
It is usually a fairly simple matter to design logic circuitry using "74-series" TTL ICs, provided that a set of TTL basic usage rules are observed. Assuming that the matter of fan-in and fan-out has already been taken care of, four other basic usage themes remain: Power Supplies, Input Signals, Unused Inputs, and Interfacing.
Make Your Own PCBs with EAGLE
Book Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Make Your Own PCBs With Eagle:
From Schematic Designs to Finished Boards 

Design a schematic, transform it into a PCB layout, and fabricate via standard "Gerber" files at a PCB manufacturing service. It doesn't get any simpler than that!

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  • Written for hobbyists
  • Presented in an easy-to-follow tutorial style
  • Offers a modern approach, including surface-mount design
  • Real world electronics projects are used as examples
  • Explains how to create schematics from scratch and how to select components from the libraries
  • Shows how to validate a PCB and produce error-free, industry-standard files
  • Heavily illustrated with screen captures and step-by-step instructions

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