May 10, 2018
Keep Faxing, but Ditch the Machine!
Fax machines have made their mark as a key office appliance throughout the years. They’ve provided hotels many years of security, functionality, and simplicity across all users.

In the hospitality industry, faxing is an alternative method of receiving new credit card details for customers booking rooms in advanced or leaving a deposit.
While many businesses have gotten rid of their physical fax machine with the upgrade to Hosted Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks, many hotels have opted to keep their physical machine. This leaves hotels with a high cost of supplies and maintenance, the risk of dealing with missed or jammed faxes, and forcing hotels that embrace VoIP to step backwards and continue a phone-line for the fax machine.
To offer a solution to the high cost and disorganization of physical faxing, Utility Telecom provides a cheap and simple alternative: Utility Fax Professional . With an internet connection, every employee can easily request a fax number. Messages are automatically presented as easy-to-work with PDF files which can be emailed, forwarded, or printed out.
To send the PDF messages, users enter the destination fax number as the email address, for example, and the email will send out while the user will receive a confirmation of the completion.
For non PDF files, users can download a custom Utility Telecom printer drive which will allow them to send documents. A dialogue box will pop up for users to enter their phone numbers which will open a new window to observe the fax being delivered in real time.
With Utility Fax Professional, hotels can ditch the machine but continue faxing! For more information, visit or call 877.965.7800!
Save the date for the Lodging Expo!
The ever-popular California Lodging Expo® and Conference is scheduled for December 3, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Los Angeles-Commerce Casino
More details will be coming soon.
Contact: Chris Middleton or 925.478.0929
Economic Impact of Tourism in the Golden State
The California Travel Impacts 2000-2017P Report, authored by Dean Runyan Associates was released May 7, 2018.

It includes detailed statewide travel impact estimates for California from 2000 to 2017. The report also provides an analysis of transient occupancy tax receipts for local jurisdictions through the 2017 fiscal year.

These economic impacts are based on "statewide visitor trips," which are defined as trips taken by individuals who stay overnight away from home, or travel more than 50 miles one way on a non-routine trip. This definition of a visitor is derived from the California Tourism Marketing Act. Some destinations in California calculate visitation and economic impacts using different definitions of visitors and different data-gathering methods, so figures may not match.

  • Direct travel-related spending in California totaled $132.4 billion in 2017, a 4.8 percent increase from the previous year.
  • Direct travel-generated employment neared 1.14 million, a 3.1 percent increase over 2016.
  • Travel-generated tax revenue topped $10.9 billion.
  • Room demand increased by 1.4 percent.
  • Visitor arrivals on domestic flights increased by 5.6 percent.
  • $6 out of $10 spent at local visitor destinations were attributable to residents of other states and countries.
  • The GDP of the California travel industry was $74.9 billion in 2017, which represents about 2.5 percent of the total GDP of the state.
Visit California is not publicly releasing county- or regional-level numbers. California industry partners are welcome to release local numbers from the report at their discretion. To request your local numbers, contact Vice President of Communications Ryan Becker at .
How hoteliers can protect loyalty programs from fraud
(Illustration: Annamarie Hudson)
The accounts of loyalty program members are targets for hackers, but there are steps hoteliers can take to make them more secure.
REPORT FROM THE U.S.—The hotel industry, in general, is a popular target for hackers looking to steal personally identifiable information about guests and staff. One area of potential vulnerability that’s being exploited is hotel brand loyalty programs.

Anything of value, including loyalty points and partner points, will be something hackers want because of the inherit value to them, said Patrick Dunphy, chief information officer at HTNG. Given how much travel has increased in the past 25 years and how many more hotels are offering them now, the long-term value of points is increasing, he said.
“Hospitality companies want to increase the flexibility of the points with hotels and airlines to get more value out of them with the more partners they have,” he said. “As long as the value of points keeps going up, they will always be a target.”

It’s unusual for malicious actors to use the loyalty points they steal from accounts as that would lead to them getting caught, Dunphy said. Instead, they transfer those loyalty points to gift cards through the loyalty program’s partners and other retail stores, he said.

“The more common vector is siphoning off the account, moving points to a third-party account and immediately transferring them to gift cards or electronics,” he said.

Multiple hotel brand companies declined to comment for this article.

2018 Fisher Phillips Firm OSHA Webinar Series
Join Fisher Phillips attorney, Ed Foulke, for a complimentary webinar series dedicated to hot topics in workplace safety and employment law.
May 16 | 11:00am
Topic: Active Shooter
September 19 | 11:00am
Topic: OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces & Fall Protection
November 14 | 11:00am
Topic: Developing Safety Managers Into Corporate Leaders

Conn Maciel Carey ’s 2018 Labor & Employment Webinar Series , hosted by the firm's Labor & Employment Practice Group , is designed to give you the practical solutions to ensure you are running your business in a way that does not run afoul of the most important labor and employment laws facing our workforce today.
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