March 17, 2020
Our Projects Have Weathered the Crisis
Things in northern China are beginning to get back to normal. Travel restrictions in Inner Mongolia, where our projects are, have been lifted. Travelers there no longer need to quarantine. The orphanages are still under quarantine guidelines but our staff thinks this will soon be lifted.
Things in Beijing are still tight. Anyone returning to Beijing must self-quarantine and when it is completed they need to show documentation from their housing complex and place of work that they completed the 2-week quarantine. Schools have also not started up yet. So some of our staff have not been able to return to Beijing. They had gone home for Chinese New Year and still can’t return. The good news is that they are able to work from home.
The orphanages have been under quarantine guidelines since the middle of January. All of the staff had to remain onsite and were not allowed to return to visit or care for their families. Such amazing sacrifice- we are so thankful for each of them. You can read a letter from the daughter of one of our nannies about front line heroes.

Our amazing staff, that have been caring for the children during this difficult time, have been very creative. How do you keep so many young children happy and not bored to tears? Everyone pitched in with ideas and experiences from their childhood.

After being in the hospital almost a month Isaiah was finally released. He returned to the “Savannah Project,” but will be quarantined from the rest of the children for two weeks.
The formula project continued even in the midst of the epidemic. The difference was the staff in the orphanages completed all the monthly measurements needed, instead of our staff traveling there to do the measuring.
Thank you to everyone who has helped during this crisis.