Dear Bet Torah Family:

Watching BT families with adults playing essential roles, a mother who is a medical professional, a father who is essential to the economy, the head of a biotechnology company racing to produce therapies, has been incredibly moving. For most of us it  continues to be imperative that we work together to protect our must vulnerable by staying home when possible.

We know that means that Passover will be different this year. Soon I will send out guidelines for Passover in the time of coronavirus.

In the meantime I want you to know that there is a team of BT volunteers working on a communal seder by Zoom that you can all participate in. Stay tuned!

And we continue to provide options for you to socialize and learn. It is so important that while we are socially distancing that we, as Governor Cuomo said, stay spiritually connected. 

Here are options for the rest of the week. We hope you will join us!

  • Together & Apart: The Future of Jewish Peoplehood - 10:00 - 11:30 am. Rabbi Brusso's Hartman iEngage class will be moving on-line for the next two Wednesdays (March 25 and April 1). Even if you did not attend the first two sessions, you are invited to join the next two. Rabbi Brusso will review what we have discussed if new people want to join. Zoom link:
  • Ask the Rabbis - noon - 1:00 pmIs there a question about Judaism or Jewish life you've always wanted to ask? Now's your chance. Rabbis Brusso and Sacks will be hanging out on Zoom, waiting to field your questions. Even better: send your question to Rabbi Brusso ( or Rabbi Sacks ( in advance. Eating lunch while participating is encouraged! Zoom link:
  • Explorations in Jewish Learning - 8:10 pm Rabbi Brusso and Rabbi Sacks will alternate teaching a Jewish topic sure to pique your interest. Like this style of learning? Think about joining a Small Group. Zoom link:
    • Wed, March 25: "A Mindset of Abundance in a Time of Scarcity" taught by Rabbi Brusso.
    • Wed, April 1: "Exploring Equanimity: Cultivating a Calm Soul" taught by Rabbi Sacks. 
  • Happy Hour Meditation - 5:00 - 6:00 pm Join together with other Bet Torah members for an hour of contemplative practice and communal support. Led by Rabbi Sacks and Robin Wald. Bring your refreshment of choice. Zoom link:
  • Women's Torah Study - 10:00 - 11:30 am.  Come check out what you've been missing. Newcomers welcome. Zoom link:
  • Rabbits and Lettuce: The History of the Haggadah in Text and Art -PREPARE FOR PASSOVER! A Special Presentation by Rabbi Joshua Kulp, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem - 9:30 - 11:00 am.                                                         Aside from the Bible, there might be more different editions of the Passover Haggadah than any other book in history. The Haggadah and Passover seder originated in the land of Israel after the destruction of the Second Temple, and continue to be one of the most observed Jewish rituals throughout the world. This unique visual presentation will show how the Haggadah's texts and the seder's customs developed over the centuries and how Jews shaped their traditions in reaction to the places throughout the world in which they lived. Come and learn of the Seder's fascinating history and pick up some fascinating information to share at your own seders. Zoom link: 

Rabbi Aaron Brusso
Bet Torah
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