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Newsletter #109, Thursday, May 9, 2019
130 weeks down, 78 weeks to go until Election Day!
Universal Health Insurance:
at center of 2020 Presidential Campaign
What is the issue that Americans are most concerned about? Universal health insurance! As Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, put it, “The time for Medicare-for-All has come.” Certainly, in America, the only western industrial country to not have universal health insurance, there is a growing crisis in health care. With the lowest life expectancy in the industrial world and the highest infant mortality, our health care costs are skyrocketing out of control. Thirty million Americans lack any health insurance while another forty million are under-insured.

This past February, our Congresswoman, Debbie Dingell, in conjunction with fellow US Representative Pramila Jayapal from the Seattle area, and 100 other co-sponsors introduced Medicare-for-All (H.R. 1384). In addition to the House bill, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has also introduced substantive single-payer legislation in the U.S. (Senate S. 1129). Both the House and Senate versions of the bill would provide health insurance for all Americans.

Non-profits advocating for universal health insurance are Social Security Works, the Center for Public Democracy, and Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP).  

Universal health insurance is at the center of the 2020 presidential campaign, and is the issue many Americans care most about. Legislators in both the House of Representatives (Debbie Dingell and Pramilia Jayapal) and the Senate (Bernie Sanders) have proposed two different versions of Medicare-For-All. To read details of both bills, go to
A thing to do
Congress, pass the Equality Act (H.R.5) next week!!
We have the opportunity to update our laws to reflect our world and our values – by making crystal clear that discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is illegal. Congress is expected to vote next week on the H.R. 5 – the Equality Act, amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity among the prohibited categories of discrimination or segregation in places of public accommodation. Send a message right now to urge your representative in the U.S. House to support the Equality Act. When the bill goes to the floor for a vote next week, our representatives can't have any doubt what side the people are on. - ACLU
Things to listen to, read, and watch
Attention: Voters who care about democracy reform
The Trump era has made fixing democracy a core concern for the 2020 presidential campaign. Bold solutions are necessary to fight anti-democratic trends, but voters should push candidates to go further, argues Brennan Center Fellow Zachary Roth. Examples of more ambitious reforms include abolishing the Electoral College, ending the Senate filibuster, and modernizing the Supreme Court. And, while there isn’t consensus among the presidential candidates across these issues, a public conversation about them would keep up the pressure for far-reaching reform — regardless of who takes office in 2021. Click here to read more. - Brennan Center

MI Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is committed to increasing voter turnout
In an interview with Bridge magazine just prior to the May 7 election, Jocelyn Benson discussed how she is preparing for upcoming elections, particularly given the changes that will occur since the November election. “I called all 83 (county) clerks in my first month to check in with them… and learn the unique challenges they face in their communities. (I’m) trying to learn about all of the local challenges and develop policies that will hopefully address them and educational materials that will fill all the gaps,” said Secretary Benson. Her office plans to take a proactive role to “make sure they (the voters) know about these new rights (enhanced voter rights and a new citizen commission to draw district lines) and try to get a sense of what it would take to increase voter turnout.” - Bridge
Bipartisan bill to stop deportation of Iraqi nationals is being introduced this week
Michigan's U.S. Reps. Andy Levin (D) and John Moolenar (R) are unveiling new bipartisan legislation aimed at halting — for two years — the detainment and deportation of Iraqi nationals in Michigan who have orders for removal. “This is about fairness and this is about humanity,” Levin said. “Iraqi nationals with orders for removal must have the time it takes to have their cases heard individually in immigration court. Numerous Iraqi nationals, including many Chaldean Christians, will face persecution for their religion, their ethnicity or their ties to America if they are forced back to Iraq against their will. It is our duty to do everything we can to protect them.” The bill number is not yet available. Stay tuned!
Thursday, May 9. 12th District Dems Monthly Meeting
You are needed. Email with your questions. UAW, 9650 South Telegraph Rd, Taylor. Executive meeting 6:15 pm, General meeting 7 pm.

Saturday, May 11. LWV-Livingston County Spring Membership Meeting
The guest speaker will be Maria Stuart, editor of The Livingston Post . Livingston County EMS Facility, 1911 Tooley Rd, Howel l. 10 am

Saturday, May 11. Social action in 4 dimensions: a fundraiser for the Poor People's Campaign
Music, Movement Art, Speaking Out, and Standing Sculpture. The evening will include the art of the PPC, signs and banners from the 40 Days of Action of last summer. Speakers include environmental activists, water warriors, and defendants arrested in direct action fighting for environmental/social justice. Original music will be provided by the Long Hairz Collective, whose performances focus on social justice themes. Recommended donation $25 at the door, or buy in advance by clicking here . Riverside Arts Center, 76 N. Huron St, Ypsilanti. 5–9 pm

Monday. May 13. Dearborn Heights Democrats Monthly Meeting
Canfield Community Center ,1901 North Beech Daily Rd, Dearborn Heights . 7–9 pm
Michigan Resistance Calling Parties
This week we will call p rotect a woman's right to choose by opposing anti-abortion bills in the state house (anti-abortion bills 4320 and 4321).
Tuesday, May 14. Representative Donna Lasinski Budget Bootcamp Town Hall
Dexter District Library, 3255 Alpine Road, Dexter . 6:30–9 pm

Tuesday, May 14. League of Women Voters Ann Arbor Annual Meeting
Social time and refreshments at 7 pm , Presentation by Zoe Clark, Michigan Radio program director and producer, and co-host of the Friday afternoon segment It's Just Politics, at 7:30 pm. Touchstone Cohousing Common House,  560 Little Lake Dr, Ann Arbor . 7–9 pm

Wednesday, May 15. Brownstown Democrats Monthly Meeting
Brownstown Township Parks & Recreation, 21311 Telegraph Rd, Trenton . 6:30–7:30 pm

Wednesday, May 15. Western Washtenaw Democrats General Membership Meeting
IBEW 252, 7920 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor. 7–9 pm

Wednesday, May 15. What would the Green New Deal look like here?
Ward 3/4 brings us a great lineup of speakers with down-to-earth details on how to make it a reality.
  • John Barrie—Appropriate Technology in Guatemala and Detroit
  • Matthew Grocoff—Veridian at County Farm
  • Tegwyn John—Climate Action at Michigan/Sunrise
  • Yousef Rabhi—GND efforts in the MI Legislature
Friday, May 17. State Convention of the League of Women Voters of Michigan
This year's Convention will celebrate the 100th birthday of the League of Women Voters of Michigan and the 100th anniversary of suffrage for Michigan women. The Convention promises to be informative, productive and fun. Click here for a convention overview and here to register. Embassy Suites by Hilton, 19525 Victor Pkwy, Livonia .

Friday, May 17. Representative Donna Lasinski Coffee Hour
Carrigan Cafe, 101 S. Ann Arbor St. #107, Saline. 9:30–10:30 am

Monday, May 20. Spring into Action with Representative Donna Lasinski and Governor Gretchen Whitmer
It's time to bring activists across Washtenaw County together again to lay the groundwork that will bring us the wins we need in 2020. You can find the Facebook event here , and tickets can be purchased in advance here . You can also contact emily@vote Donna to RSVP or to learn about being a host. Chelsea Depot, 125 Jackson St, Chelsea . 5–6:30 pm

Monday, May 20. Allen Park Dems Monthly Meeting
Questions? Call Dan Geb at (313) 600-6720. American Hungarian Reformed Church, 9901 Allen Rd, Allen Park . 7–8 pm

Thursday May 23. Taylor Democratic Club Monthly Meeting
Good and Welfare
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