SelecTech, parent company to StaticStop, celebrates 25 years
This year, 2018, marks our 25th anniversary. And while we have known and been working with many of you for quite some time, there’s probably very few of you who know of our beginnings. 

Earlier this year, Industry Today published an article by SelecTech, Inc. Founder Tom Ricciardelli. You can check that out here

In terms of our 25th anniversary, here are some more words from Tom: 

“It’s been quite a run and it’s difficult to fathom that it’s been 25 years. Still, with the advancements we’ve made with our tiles, particularly StaticStop, our ESD tile, and our FreeStyle tiles for labs and cleanrooms, you could say our best days are yet to come.”

For the full text of Tom’s article in Industry Today, click the button below.
Look us up in Reno
That sentiment can have an altogether different meaning for those NOT in the ESD world. For those us who are, Reno means just one thing: the 40th annual EOS/ESD Symposium taking place Septemer 23-28.

StaticStop will have a booth showcasing our ESD flooring products. We hope you can stop by during your time in Reno.

For info on the show, watch the video.
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