We're all learning new rhythms, new routines, a new "normal" for now. Some days are easy. Others are... well... not so easy. πŸ˜‰ But, just like we're sure you're doing, we're trying to make the most of every day. There is more slow and less hurry, more time together and less time away, more time to sit and talk and really listen and less time to rush off to the next distraction.

We're making memories! We're laughing, playing, eating, and resting. Just for fun, we put it into numbers. Look at what we've done at t he City of Youth during quarantine:

1300 pounds of rice eaten
819 pounds of beans eaten
336 gallons of milk consumed
140 Bible studies
1480 Bible verses memorized
47 hours spent at the pool
53 soccer games played
558 board/card games played
330 hours playing outside
50 books read
76 kites flown
550 loads of laundry washed
350 family phone calls

Let's have a little contest!

How many meals do you think have been eaten at the City of Youth since quarantine started in the middle of March?

πŸŽ‰ The person with the closet guess wins a mug from our merch store ! πŸŽ‰

Submit your guess by 12pm ET on Friday, May 22. Then tune into Facebook or Instagram Live at 1pm ET where we'll announce the winner! (One guess per person, please.)