Dear supporters and colleagues,
One Can Help was created by
juvenile court attorneys and social workers because
the underserved children and families they work with
often need some relatively small resource
in order to take the next positive step forward
that isn't available anywhere else.
A bus pass to get to job training,
camp to keep a child safe...
and now in Covid times, things like
a laptop to help a struggling family or child,
matter more than ever.

Thank you for hearing the voiceless and seeing the invisible.
Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay with OCH.
Your support changes lives
A recent true story.
So you paid for a laptop.
Success looks like this!
The pandemic is affecting us all but the poor suffer more.
We have helped more than 1,500 children and families since the pandemic began and hope never to turn anyone away.
Help give our most vulnerable what they need to succeed.
One Can Help is a unique 501(c)3 that provides the missing resources at-risk youth, foster children and underserved families
urgently need to
address court concerns,
improve difficult lives
and build better futures.

Real professionals explain why this matters here.
Meaningful access to justice requires
meaningful access to resources.
USE SMILE: Please support One Can Help if you use Amazon,
"The opposite of poverty is not wealth.. it is justice".
Bryan Stevenson, founder Equal Justice initiative.
When front-line juvenile court attorneys or social workers see that a critical resource is needed which is not available elsewhere, they apply to One Can Help for this individualized assistance (often provided in just 1-2 days) in MA.