PEG 12th Congressional District
Newsletter #184
204 weeks down, 17 days until Election Day!
General Election: Tuesday, November 3, 2020
PEGGY is singing her way to the ballot box
PEGGY wants to remind everyone that there is just a little over two weeks until Election Day. To be safe, we are using November 3 as the deadline day rather than voting day. You CAN REGISTER TODAY and you CAN VOTE TODAY in Michigan. So why wait? Need a little motivation?
The PEG Newsletter Team pulled together a playlist of some of their favorite songs. Click on the corresponding titles to listen to them or add them to your playlist or copy and paste the whole list into a safe place so that you can listen to them at your leisure.
  1. The Liar Tweets Tonight – Roy Zimmerman
  2. Americans - Janelle Monae
  3. I Give You Power - Arcade Fire ft. Mavis Staples
  4. The Times They Are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan
  5. Tiny Hands - Fiona Apple
  6. We Shall Overcome - Joan Baez
  7. We March – Prince
  8. Vote –Jhene' Aiko
  9. We Shall Overcome - Louis Armstrong
  10. Vote–Miguel
PEGGY (Protectors of Equality in Government Gives You) Advice is a collaboration between the PEG newsletter team, local clerks, and researched state guidelines to address some of the questions we hear the most. Readers can direct their voting questions to PEGGY Advice at To see more advice from PEGGY, visit her page on the PEG website by clicking here.
If you are not registered to vote
It's not too late! You can:
  • Register online (here) or by mail through Monday, October 19.
  • Register in person at your city or township office beginning October 20. You can register to vote until 8 pm the day of the election.
In anticipation of a large voter turnout, Ann Arbor has established a satellite voting location in addition to city hall. One can also go to these locations for voter registration and absentee ballot requests. The sites are City Hall, (301 E. Huron St), and the UM Museum of Art, (525 S. State St.) Read more.
Satellite hours:
  • Today-October 23: 10 am–7 pm, Monday through Friday
  • October 24-November 1: 10 am–7 pm, Monday through Friday, and 8 am–4 pm Saturdays 
  • November 2: 8 am–4 pm
  • November 3: 8 am–8 pm
If you are registered to vote (Good Job!)
If you are already registered to vote, great! If you have not done so, request a ballot online. If you requested an absentee ballot and have not received your ballot in the mail, contact your local clerk or go to the one of the satellite locations above. If you have your ballot, consider using the Washtenaw Dems Voter Guide to help you learn more about the important positions up for election, both partisan and nonpartisan. Finally, check out this comprehensive list of absentee voting tips for to ensure that your ballot is counted!
Wave Michigan launches new tool, Reach Out!
Reach Out provides an easy to use texting service to contact voters about a variety of important issues. Everything is provided, including the voters to contact, vetted scripts and a messaging service so volunteers don’t have to use their name or even their own phone.

Reach Out chooses voters to contact based on their likelihood to vote and especially if they have an absentee ballot sitting on their kitchen table

Reach Out is a free, super easy to use tool, and amazingly efficient way of reaching carefully targeted voters. These are the current Reach Out opportunities to make a difference. Text to win!
Election Medics 
Reach out to voters whose ballots may be rejected for mismatched signatures or other reasons plus voters whose absentee ballots were late in the August Primary or arrived just in time on the day of the election.

Click Here to get started!
Detroit Votes!
Reach out to make sure that Detroit voters are heard this election. Help people to vote from home for the first time and follow up with voters who have an absentee ballot waiting on their kitchen table.

Click Here to get started!
McCormack & Welch for Supreme Court!
Help voters remember the names of two of the most important choices on the Michigan ballot! Our safety has been compromised by the current conservative court who refuse to support Governor Gretchen Whitmer's efforts to stave off the pandemic. Let's help them win!

Click Here to get started!
Vote Gretchen Driskell for Congress!
Running in a very close race, Gretchen Driskell (Democrat) is running to defeat Tim Wallberg for Congressional District 7. Candidate Driskell is an experienced leader with a plan. This campaign is about getting more than 60,000 Democrat absentee voters in District 7 over the finish line! Go Gretchen!

Click Here to get started!
Friday, October 16. Ann Arbor Parade to the Ballot Box: #WalktheVote
Some voters fear that Covid will prevent them from voting in person. Some fear that voting by mail might not work. Some just want to celebrate voting with their community. So #walkthevote is a local voting "parade" where you and your neighbors fill out absentee ballots and deliver them in person securely. Meet at the time and place and all walk together, safely six feet apart and masked, to drop off ballots at an official dropoff location, about an 8-minute walk from the meeting place. Read more and register here. Palmer Field, 401 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor. 3 pm
Saturday, October 17. March to Make It Count
Join Brian Jones-Chance, City of Ypsilanti Council representative for Ward 1, ICPJ and Ypsi Can I Share as they march from Perry Elementary School to City Hall to turn in absentee ballots and applications. Do not be intimidated by voter suppression tactics! Join the Absentee Ballot Initiative. Make your vote count and your voice heard! Contact Brian with questions. Read more here. 550 Perry Ave, Ypsilanti. 11 am–1pm
Tuesday, October 20. Frontline Election Defenders training
With the stakes being as high as they are, voter suppression is already more rampant than ever, and the nationalist right is emboldened by conspiracy theorists. The Frontline doesn’t believe in depending on anyone else ensuring people are able to vote freely and safely. Therefore, Frontline is training Election Defenders who will provide safe supports for voting (such as PPE and water), and election and voter defense, de-escalating intimidation tactics and signaling to a network of groups and lawyers if and where trouble breaks out. Read more and register here for a link to virtual training. 7:30–9 pm
Tuesday, October 20. U-M Musical Society Digital Presentation: A Conversation with Trevor Noah
The Daily Show star Trevor Noah will join the U-M community for a casual and interactive conversation on this pivotal moment that reflects both adversity and possibility. In this virtual event, Trevor Noah reflects on the state of our nation and discusses how the U-M community can, in spite of isolation, come together around the arts, pursue racial justice, and rise to the challenge of this moment. The free event is open to the University of Michigan community, as well as UMS and Ford School supporters and event attendees. Read details here. Registration is required for this event here; the link for the livestream will be sent out on the day of the event. 8:30 pm
Thursday, October 22. A Military Man in the Era of Trump: Paying the Price to Honor Your Oath
Jews United for Democracy and Justice of Los Angeles are hosting a series of lectures and discussions titled "America at a Crossroads." This event highlights Lt. Col. Alex Vindman who was pushed into retirement after testifying under subpoena in conversation with noted journalist, Max Boot. RSVP here. Find more events here. 7:45 pm EST
Thursday, October 22. A conversation on race, policing, voting and social justice: Where do we go from here?
Calls for social justice and policing reform across the country have expanded discussions about how concerned citizens can meaningfully engage in the process of improving policing. Hosted by Eastern Michigan University, a panel of experts will discuss highly debated proposals regarding police oversight, de-escalation tactics, prosecutorial discretion, social advocacy, voting, and policy reforms, and will present their recommendations for pursuing change.
Read the event details here. Register for Zoom link here. 6:30–8 pm
Friday, October 23 and Saturday, October 24. Faith-based initiatives
Temple Beth Emeth is planning a “Track Your Ballot Shabbat.” Using, congregants will be encouraged to check the status of their absentee ballot. And if they have not yet deposited their absentee ballot, they can check to identify the location of Drop Boxes in their jurisdiction. “If not now, when?” (Pirkei Avot)

Monday, October 26. Osher Lifelong Learning presents “A Survivor’s Guide to Election 2020”
The 5th lecture of U-M Osher Lifelong Learning Center Election 2020 series will focus on the upcoming election. This year, the race for the White House has been completely redefined by a pandemic that has upended every aspect of daily life, and a widespread social movement that has forced a national conversation on race and justice. As a result, candidates, as well as the news media, have had to adapt to an ever-evolving landscape. As the campaign enters its final week, they will explore how the extraordinary events of 2020 have shaped the presidential campaign thus far and identify what to watch for on Election Night. Read details here. Sign in and register here. 10–11:30 am

Tuesday, October 27. Ford School community event — John Lewis: Good Trouble
The U-M Ford School of Public Policy will host a viewing of the documentary film, John Lewis: Good Trouble, on the life and work of Congressman John Lewis. This virtual community event is an opportunity for those who have watched the film to discuss the themes and issues raised in it—primarily the legacy of John Lewis' life-long commitment to the fight for voting rights and racial equality. This Ford School community event is open to U-M students, faculty, staff and alumni. Read details and register to attend here. 4–5 pm
More things to do
What could be accomplished in Michigan if the state house flipped in November?
  • Fund education and enact policies that put students and teachers first
  • Enact gun sense legislation and ban guns from the Capitol
  • Address climate change and make polluters pay
  • Enact meaningful criminal justice reform
  • Stop the extreme GOP bills brought to us by Koch and DeVos
  • And so much more!

So, how can you help?
Only 4 seats are needed. We can do this! Sign up here to attend a virtual calling party, open to volunteers state-wide! Join Michigan Resistance Monday or Wednesday nights at 6 pm or Tuesday afternoons at 2 pm.

Don't know how to Zoom? Never done a virtual phone bank before? NO WORRIES!
Michigan Resistance will teach everything someone needs to know. Anyone with a computer and phone can participate, no matter where they live!

Sign up to be an Election Defender with The Frontline
A recent Politico article highlighting historical and current examples of aggressiveness and suppression tactics of right-wing poll monitors already on display during absentee processing and early voting. The Frontline, a minority-driven organization, is pursuing the counteroffensive creation of Election Poll Defenders. Poll defenders work to provide PPE safety measures, water, de-escalation of intimidation or interference between monitors and voters, and notify a network of groups and lawyers should escalation grow out of control. Sign up today to be trained to defend the right to vote. Can't make this proposed time? Sign up anyway to receive access to a recording of the training.
Be prepared for the ballot!
The League of Women Voters of Ann Arbor and CTN have compiled a set of videos of various Candidate forums for citizens to review to make an informed decision on their ballots. Visit the list here and learn the candidate platforms as desired.
Download and help distribute the Washtenaw County Voters Guide
This year’s voter guide is fully funded, thanks to the hard work of Washtenaw Democratic Party members and the generous support of many in the communiy. Click on the linked graphic below to view it online or download the pdf.
Poll workers needed
Poll workers are the paid staff that open and close polling locations, process voters, and process ballots, both in person and absentee. According to an article in Bridge, there were severe problems in Detroit with the August 2020 primary because of this shortage. Read more here. If you are younger and healthy, and don’t live with someone who’s not, please consider signing up to be a poll worker. Go to to sign up today.

Poll watchers needed
The MIchigan Democratic Party is recruiting and training volunteer attorneys and others to join in their efforts to make sure all Michigan voters can access a ballot (by mail or in person), cast their votes, and have their votes counted. To volunteer, click here.
Join the team at Black Voters Matter
Black Voters Matter is looking for managers, organizers, communication directors, and more. Apply and share:  for campaign job opportunities.
SWIM is working to flip the State of Michigan House and Senate. The goal is to elect 26 Democrats to the House and flip 4 seats in the Senate. SWIM has several programs that need volunteers. Sign up here.
Good and Important News
What to do if military personnel are faced with questionable orders?
Following the use of force in Lafayette Square this summer, a group of legal scholars formed the non-partisan, not-for-profit Orders Project. Concerned about the potential for civic unrest during the election period, this group of lawyers is offering advice to military and National Guard members who worry they may be given unlawful orders if deployed during protests or disputes during this time period. There is a process within the military chain of command which should be followed, but the volunteer attorneys offer pro-bono advice if a second opinion is sought. Washington Post
Did you know? Ballot counting machines are secure!
“Michigan uses all paper ballots, which are counted by tabulator machines. Vote tallies are printed and the paper record of the tallies as well as the paper ballots are stored in secure locations after counting is finished. The machines are not connected to the internet until all counting is finished and the tally has been printed. Then some jurisdictions may connect a machine to send UNOFFICIAL results to the county clerk, while others will report by phone. Either way, the paper backup is kept on record.” – Michigan SOS
Political Activism yields unexpected side benefits
Washtenaw County’s Andrea Pierce, founder and chair of the Anishinaabek Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party and a WCDP precinct delegate, is part of a group of women from the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians who came together to purchase a piece of remote-operated sonar equipment, in order to independently verify the state of the infamous Line 5 in the Straits of Mackinac. Their survey yielded a groundbreaking discovery of what appear to be stone age sacred sites, now under water. The find was featured in USA Today!
Problems voting?
Resources for Michigan Voters 
Voting Assistance Hotline (833) 648-6837: Operated by the Michigan Voter Protection arm of the Michigan Democratic Party, this voting hotline does not push Democratic candidates. Rather, its mission is to insure all citizens are able to vote. Its volunteers can answer your questions. If a question floors them, they have direct access to paid personnel with more expert knowledge. 

Reports one volunteer, “It’s much more rewarding than texting or calling people to vote. Here, you’re responding to phone calls and answering questions important to people.” Also run by the Michigan Voter Information Center, this is another resource for Michiganders who have questions about voting.
Resources for Voters who have second language difficulties: This includes voters whose first languages may be Mandarin, Bengali, Spanish, or Arabic. Contact Bilal Hammoud at for more information.

The following events are voter education presentations that are completely in the foreign language identified:

Arabic Voter Empowerment: Yemeni Community, October 14, 6 pm.
Mandarin Voter Education, October 15, 6 pm.
Bengali Voter Education, October 16, 6 pm.
Hispanic Voter Education event, October 21, 6 pm. (Link TBD)
Voter documents:
Census 2020 count is over
On October 13, 2020, the Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration to shut down the census count ahead of schedule, a move that could allow the Census Bureau to submit tabulations excluding unauthorized immigrants by the end of the year.
The court’s brief, unsigned order gave no reasons, which is typical when the court acts on emergency applications. Justice Sonia Sotomayor dissented, saying that “the harms associated with an inaccurate census are avoidable and intolerable.”

Michigan and Washtenaw County standing
As of 10/12/20, Michigan has remained and is tied with Illinois ranking to 7th amongst the states in self-reporting. Currently, 71.2 % of people living in Michigan have self- reported; Washtenaw County remains in 12th amongst the counties at 77%.

Cyber Attack - DHS threat assessment warns of foreign meddling in 2020 election and census
The Census Bureau was aware of its major risk to protect its confidential data and secure it’s treasure trove of sensitive information a decade leading up to the online 2020 census. In fact, the Census Bureau has been warned of such attacks for some time.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently reported that unknown hackers targeted the US Census Bureau Network over the last year. The DHS says that both state and non-state attackers, backed by China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea will likely attempt to compromise or disrupt the infrastructure the US uses to support the 2020 US Presidential election, as well as the 2020 US Census. “Unidentified cyber actors have engaged in suspicious communications with the U.S. Census public-facing network over at least the last year, including conducting vulnerability scans and attempting unauthorized access," the DHS HTA report reveals. The government and private sector have been working to secure this information.
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