JULY 2019
Dear : We're looking for on-deck coaches to help swimmers who don't have a coach at Summer Nationals and for officials for the meet. You can sign up  here to apply to be an on-deck coach and here to apply to be an official.

Are you coaching at Summer Nationals but not competing? Sign up here to be added to the pre-meet mailing list.
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Being a good citizen in your community can be rewarding for your members and can build goodwill with your swimming facility. Hosting community outreach events at your pool will require varying degrees of logistical planning, depending on the size and scope of the event. It's important to assemble a support team that shares in the planning and execution of the event. Don't try to do everything yourself. Have a goal of giving ownership to many volunteers. It'll add to the success of the event when many hands are working as one.

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