With summer upon us, bringing long days and bright sunshine, we choose to be reminded of the light within each of us and the potential of all us collectively to triumph over darkness. Where will you shine your light this summer?

As gardeners, we tend to look to the soil for opportunity. By growing food and feeding each other, we strive to play a role in holding our community together when things seem to be falling apart. We invite you to learn more about us and join in the conversation .

The Garden To Table Team
Thank you to supporters of our Food For Families Campaign!
Your contributions helped us to donate 460 pounds (1,840 heads) of lettuce to families in need through Community Food Share and Boulder Food Rescue. An additional 2,000 lettuce plants were given directly to families in our community to grow at home.

We're proud of this impact, but we're just getting started and need your support. We just passed the $11,000 mark. Can you help us get to $15,000? Your support will help us keep school gardens thriving and producing food for our community.
Team work makes the dream work
Thank you to our corporate sponsors for their latest donations including Lily's Sweets ($5,000) and Elevations Credit Union ($3,000) !

We're also grateful to North Field Farm for donating 125 seedlings (value $425) for our gardens and Heirloom Tomato Farms for sending $1,500 worth of tomatoes our way.
Tracy, owner of Heirloom Tomato Farms in Denver stands with the 250+ tomato plants he donated for school gardens this May
Tracy Weil, owner of Heirloom Tomato Farms in Denver, donated 250+ tomato plants for school gardens.
Members of the Boulder County Evening Optimist Club prepared the soil and planted the summer garden at Lafayette Elementary.
Members of the Boulder County Evening Optimist Club prepared soil and planted the Lafayette Elementary Garden
We continue to receive tons of support at each of our school gardens from Wildlands Restoration Volunteers. Pictured here are Stefanie and Paul, two out of 38 (!) WRV Volunteers gardening with us weekly.
volunteers stefanie and paul pose at the emerald elementary school garden
New: Children's Book Recommendations
The Dandelion Seed by Joseph Patrick Anthony is a children’s book about a seed that is afraid to let go but finds beauty and adventure once it does.

Garden To Table board member, Jess Schmidt, shares a story about discovering dandelions with her young children and resources for teachers and parents to explore this flower and this book.
Gardening Tip:
Water your garden during the cooler parts of the day when water can be better absorbed by the soil and utilized by the plants.
More watering advice:

  • Water lightly and often as seeds are germinating to keep soil surface moist, but dial back your irrigation as seedlings mature. It's healthy for soil to dry out between waterings.
  • Water less often as plants mature to encourage them to grow deep roots for resilience.

You can find everything you need to know to grow a veggie garden in our Home Garden Resource Guide.
Thank you to our Sponsors:
Solstice Sponsors :   City of Boulder Human Services, The Golson Family Fund  
Harvest Sponsors:  The Kitchen Restaurant Group, Smith Family Fund
Blossom Sponsors:   Avery Brewery, Benjamin Family Foundation,  Boulder Community Foundation/Pledge 1% Colorado, Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation, Lily's Sweets, Lucky's Market, Plan Ahead Events
Sprout Sponsors:   Aurora Organic Dairy, Boulder Brands,  Boulder Food Group, Conscious Bay Company, GOCO NKJN, Green Family, Megna Family, Braughm Family,  Snooze, Tundra Restaurant Supply, The Tyler Rigg Foundation, Elevations Credit Union
Seed Sponsors:     Atallah Family, Barclay Family, Flagg Family, Holland & Hart, Ihnot Family, Shafton Family, Hefty Family, Dobbie Family, Goodson Family, JJJ Foundation, City of Lafayette